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Mechanical Clocks

  • Jan 1, 1386

    Salisbury Cathedral Clock

    Salisbury Cathedral Clock
    The Salisbury Cathedral clock, built in 1386, is considered to be the world's oldest surviving mechanical clock that strikes the hours.[17]
  • Jun 4, 1475

    Clock Dial

    Clock Dial
    A clock with a dial indicating minutes was illustrated in a 1475 manuscript by Paulus Almanus, and some 15th-century clocks in Germany indicated minutes and seconds.
  • May 6, 1510

    First Pocket Watch "Nuremberg Egg"

    First Pocket Watch "Nuremberg Egg"
    One of the first pocket watches, called "Nuremberg Egg", made around 1510 and attributed to Peter Henlein,
  • Jan 1, 1541

    Tower Clock

    Tower Clock
    He also built a tower clock for Lichtenau castle in 1541, and was known as a maker of scientific instruments.
  • Water Clock

    Water Clock
    Water clock and is known to have existed in Babylon and in Egypt around the 16th century BC.
  • Pendulum Clocks

    Pendulum Clocks
    The pendulum clock was made the in 17th century Europe and they were more accurate then the water clocks.
  • Clock From French Revolution

    Clock From French Revolution
    Alexander Bain, a Scottish clockmaker, patented the electric clock in 1840. The electric clock's mainspring is wound either with an electric motor or with an electro-magnet and armature.