McDaniel - 3 - Zara T

By zarat99
  • Period: to

    American Revelution

    Americans fighting to abbolisdh british rule.
  • Declaration of Independance

    The Declaration of Independance was written on July 4th 1776 by the Continental Cogress. This document gave Americans freedom from the british rule breaking the ties from what was called the "motherland".
  • Louisiania Purchace

    Napolen sold 828,800 square miles of land to president Jefferson. For $5 a square mile. This included 5 states Oklahoma, Nebraska, Iowa, Arkansas, Kansas and Missouri.
  • LIncoln's Assanation

    Jhon Wilkes Booth assasinated President Lincoln while he aws watching a play called "My American Cousin". Wilkes belived that Lincoln had ruined the south. He decided LIncoln has to die for his crimes and thats what he did.
  • Bombing of Pearl Harbur

    The day Japan brought America into the world war 2 by bombing all of our ships in Pearl harbur. This took us out of the recession after world war 1.
  • Appolo 11

    Americans became the first people to walk onthe moon. Now not only have we cncured America but the moon too!
  • Zara T Born

    I was born in Long Island Ny and I love Ny pizza. I moved down to texas when i was 6 and have lived here ever since.
  • Osama Bin Laden's death

    Osama Bin Laden the terrrorist who crashed 2 planes into the twin towers on September 11,2001 has finaly been killed by the American Milliatary.