Maximiliano Hernandez Martinez

  • Birth

    Born on October 21, 1882, in San Matías hospital, in La Libertad, inside of El Salvador. Martinez grow up learning about Theosophy (formerly Roman Catholicism), a religion that he was raised up in.
  • Brith Place

    This is were Maimiliano was born in san matías hospital, in la libertad, inside of el salvador
  • Teaming up

    February 25, 1931, Arturo Araujo was not paying the military troops and the police forces, because the causes of the coup d'état are often attributed to the fall in prices of coffee abroad. The reality is that officers were not paid and the Finance Minister had paid only the police, who remained loyal to the president. (So the President’s personal body guards). The army officers were angry and ousted president Araujo.
  • President

    In 1931, Martinez was running in the presidential election. He was supporting the republican party in El Salvador. In this battle he joined forces with Arturo Araujo of the Partido Laborista. Martinez won the election, considered the first free multiparty election in Salvadoran history and the last for over half a century. ( Full date not found)
  • Militay Power

    Hernández Martínez led a military government that actively suppressed opposition, most notably the Salvadoran peasant revolt of June 29, 1932 led by Farabundo Martí, where thousands of indigenous Salvadoran people were systematically murdered if they were suspected of collaboration with the communists.
  • Firing Squad

    They estimated about 10,000 to 40,000 people killed. The military killed people without a judgement and that they were usually killed by a firing squad after being compelled to dig their own graves. ( What such a bad way to die )!!!
  • Women Voting

    On the other hand, his regime expanded voting rights to women for the first time. Enacted some social security programmes and attempted to intervene in the economy, in contradistinction to the economic policies of Liberal regimes that ruled El Salvador since the 1870s. ( In the top right hand corner it says EL VOTO ES SECRETO. Which means “the vote is secret”.)
  • Raising the tax price

    1943 Martinez raised the export tax in 1943 the weary distrust among oligarchic landowning elites over his modest land reform efforts and eccentric ways turned to conspiracy and opposition. After he openly violated the constitution by declaring that he would serve a third term without holding elections, an armed revolt broke out on Palm Sunday, 1944, led by intellectuals, business leaders, and disloyal segments of the military. (Date not found.)
  • Running away

    During his tenure, El Salvador saw major economic growth. He managed to eradicate crime and paid all the foreign debt. He was admired by the wealthy elite for returning a measure of stability to the country in the midst of widespread social unrest. In May 1944, however, he was deposed by the famous non-violent Strike of Fallen Arms led by students. During this massive political action, Salvadoran society was completely paralysed until he was deposed. Hernández Martínez fled to exile in Guatemala
  • Massucer

    In 1944 the strategic First Infantry and the Second Artillery regiments of San Salvador and Santa Ana garrison seized the state radio station, and took control of the Air Force. Also they took over Santa Ana’s police headquarters and telegraph offices. Santa Ana was bombed from the air as civilians there rallied and overthrew their city council. However, General Martinez was able to put down the rebellion with his remaining obedient military units. Martial law, including a police curfew, was dec
  • Death

    On May 15, 1966 (aged 83) Hacienda Jamastrán, Maximiliano Hernandez Martinez was assassinated. After he was disposed, he lived in Honduras where he was stabbed to death. This is one of the characters that was drawing a his funeral.