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Max Planck

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    What he expirenced growing up; how he was raised, that influenced him later in his life.
  • Birth

    Max is born in Kiel Holsten.
  • Early life

    Early life
    Being born In a traditinoal, and intellectual family, Max reviced education very early in his life. He studied astrology and math, and even practiced penmanship at the age of ten (writing seen in photo). Also, he took singing lessons, and learned to play piano, organ, cello and played in operas.
  • The influence.

    The influence.
    Before starting his acedemic carrear, Max as a young man (seen in photo) studied physics.At this point in time, much of this study is already figured out, but max was interested in the holes that where yet to be filled. At this time Max went to Berlin for a year to study Physics with Hermann Von Helmholtz , Gustav Kirchhoff , and Karl Weierstrass.
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    The influence in his carrear

    What influenced max into going into carrear.
  • Passing

    Max planck passes his qualifing exams after a year of studing physics. And taught mathematics and physcics at his former school in Munich.
  • Habilitation thesis

    Max presents his habilitation thesis that states different Equilibrium states of isotropic bodies at different temperatures.
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    Academic career

    After becoming an upaid lecturer at Munich, after a year he was actually givin a change for a payed Academic career, where he then furthered his feild of study and came into the idea of his heat theroy.
  • Max gets into a university

    Max gets into a university
    Max gets appointed as a professor at University of Kiel (seen in photo) and taught theoretical physics.
  • The promotion

    The promotion
    After being a sucsessful physics proffesor, he was promoted to be a full proffesor, and turned down all other jobs to stay in Berlin, untill he was succeeded by Erwin Schrödinger, much later near the end of his life in 1926 (seen in photo).
  • Black body radiation.

    Black body radiation.
    One of Max's well known early theroys was caused by his intrest in the problem of black box radiation (Which is an idealized physical body that absorbs all incident electromagnetic radiation.) And tried to come up with the soluion using an equasion, otherwise known as the quantum. It states that electromagnetic energy could be emitted only in quantized form. He came up with E = hν an equasion using the plank constant, which he invented in 1899.
  • A select group to a famous discovory.

    Max was one of the only few who recognised the importance of Albert Einstein, back in 1905 when he was completely unknown.
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    During hard times.

    During much of his life, Max had to go though both of the the world wars, he recorded much of what he saw in his time, to the end of his life in 1947.