MAUS Project

By Iwr3773
  • Vladek is Born

    Vladek Spiegelman is born.
  • Vladek meets Anja

    Vladek goes by train to see his cousins during the holidays, as he does every year. When he makes it to his destination, his cousin has a girl in mind that he thinks Vladek would like. Anja, would later become Vladek's wife.
  • Vladek and Anja's Marriage

    Vladek Spiegelman, in Poland before the war, married a woman 6 years younger than him named Anja, who he had met not too long before. This event is only a small bit of time before their real struggle as Jews begins.
  • Richieu is Born

  • Vladek goes to the Polish Army

    Vladek is sent to fight with the Polish army in WWII
  • Vladek is captured and is made a POW

    Vladek is captured by the enemy and put in a Prisoner of War camp (POW)
  • Vladek Escapes camp

    Family friend Orbach helps Vladek escape.
  • Vladek returns to Sosnowiec

    Vladek is reunited with his family and his wife Anja.
  • Vladek and the Jews are sent to Ghettos

    The Jewish population of Sosnowiec are relocated by force into ghettos
  • Vladek's father is taken

    Vladek's father is sent away to be killed in a death camp.
  • Ghetto relocation

    The Jews from Sosnowiec are put into yet another ghetto
  • Anja's parents die

    Vladek and Anja escape through bribery but Anja's parents are not able to escape and are sent to a death camp.
  • The Death of Richieu

    Anja and Vladek's son is killed after Anja's sister commits suicide.
  • Ghetto destroyed

    Jews in the camp are sent to Concentration camps, but Anja and Vladek are able to hide.
  • Vladek+Anja captured and sent to Auschwitz

    The couple are trying to escape and are caught by Nazi's while in the midst of leaving on a train.
  • Auschwitz evacuated

    Nazi soldiers march the Jews to another death camp- Dachau.
  • Dachau is stormed by U.S.

    Vladek and his friend Shivek meet Americans after being saved from the camp by them
  • German Surrender

    The German army surrenders
  • Vladek goes to refugee camp

  • Vladek and Anja move to Sweden

  • Art Spiegelman is Born

    Born in Stockholm, Sweden.
  • The Death of Anja Spiegelman

    Anja Speigelman committed suicide as a result of Vladek destroying her war time memoirs that she had created. Vladek soon after went on to marry Mala, another Holocaust survivor.
  • Vladek Dies

    Vladek dies