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Matthew Hayden

By stmzdl
  • When he was born

    When he was born
    Matthew hayden was born on 29,October 1971 in Brisbane QLD.
  • When he went to school

    When he went to school
    Matthew Hayden started high school on the 29,January 1984. The school he went to was Marist Brothers Ashgrove. Matthew is also a very strong on is Catholic faith.
  • Boating accident

    Boating accident
    In the year 2000, Hayden's boat capsized off North Stradbroke Island. With his two friends one of them being Andrew Symonds were forced to swim a kilometre to safty.
    Matthew subsequently appeard in a campaign promoting marine safty.
  • Matthew's child Grace

    Matthew's child Grace
    One of Matthew's kids Grace was born on June 2000.
  • Cookbook 1

    Cookbook 1
    A assembly of his recipes was published in Australia in 2004, as the Matthew Hayden cookbook.
  • Son Joshua born

    Son Joshua born
    Son Joshua was born on April 2005.
  • Cookbook 2

    Cookbook 2
    Two years later Mattthew pubished a second Cookbook in 2006.
  • Matthew's Son Thomas Joseph

    Matthew's Son Thomas Joseph
    Thomas Joseph was born on May 2007.