Mass Commincations 1

By cam2444
  • Jan 28, 1001

    Egyptian hieroglyphics (3300 B. C)

    Egyptian hieroglyphics (3300 B. C)
    Egyptians drew on walls to share information and tell stories!
  • Jan 28, 1041

    Chinese Type

    Chinese Type
    in 1041 Printing by means of separate, movable characters in China was first used and allowed acurate type setting for the first time!
  • Jan 13, 1436

    Print Press

    Print Press
    Johannes Gutenberg's print press in 1436 allowed people to print an expontial amomt of almost anything they liked expotinially increaseing the reach audince wise!
  • Fisrt Newspaper

    Fisrt Newspaper
    in 1609 the First newspapers in Europe were printed.
  • Radio Advert.

    Radio Advert.
    December 29, 1891 for the first time families gather around their radios to listen to public programing and for the first time thousands of peole could listen simaltainusly to the same stories, news and advertisements.
  • Television Advert

    Television Advert
    Pervious to 1941 sending a large scale visual message was very hard to due with out masive paper distibition, TV changes this and gives people the opertuinity to maket with images and film for the first time to Millions of people at the same time!
  • The Internet

    The Internet
    The internet
  • Twitter Facebook "Social Media"

    Twitter Facebook "Social Media"
    2007 the internet