Mary Todd Lincoln

  • Birth of Mary Lincoln

  • Marriage to Abraham Lincoln

  • Robert Todd Lincoln was born

    Robert Todd Lincoln was born
    It was their first child.
  • Edward Baker Lincoln was born.

    Edward Baker Lincoln was born.
    IT was Mary's and Abraham's second child.
  • William Wallace Lincoln was born.

    Third child to add to their family.
  • Thomas Lincoln was born.

    It was their fourth and last child.
  • Trying to end slavery.

    Abraham and Mary were strong abolitionist and trying to end slavery in the 1850's.
  • Civil War starts

    Civil War starts
  • Abraham's Inauguration

    Abraham's Inauguration
    She also becomes the first lady of the US.
  • Fighting on the Mississippi

    Fighting on the Mississippi
    Over 17,000 people died in this war.
  • Their son dies.

    William "Willie" Lincoln did of typhoid fever. Mary was devastated.
  • Antietam-Bloodiest day in the US

  • Lee is defeated in Gettysburg

  • Chickamagua- Rebels Win

  • Atlanta is burned.

    Atlanta is burned.
  • Appamatox Court House- Lee surrenders

  • Abraham's Assasination

    When he dies Mary has gone through so much she doesn't know what to do with herself. She ends up living in a mental hospital because she has been traumitized throughout the years.
  • Civil War Ends

    Civil War Ends
    All the stress that they went through is over.
  • Mary goes crazy

    Mary goes crazy
    After all shes been through Mary has been put into a mental hospital.
  • Death