30x great grandma

Mary T Lincoln

  • Mary was born

    Mary was born
    Mary Ann Todd was born in Lexington, Kentucky, on Sunday, December 13 1818, to Eliza and Robert Todd, who were members of Lexigton's modt prominent families.
  • Little Bro.

    Mary's little brother was born in1819
  • Moms Dead

    Moms Dead
    When Mary was just six years old, her mother, Eliza, died from complications associated with childbirth.
  • No Jaackson

    At the age of nine she refused to go see the democratic canidate running for president, Andrew Jackson, because she was a whig.
  • School

    At age fourteen, Mary Todd enrolled in a Lexington boarding school known as Mentelle's for young ladies.
  • Cholera

    Mary came home from Menetelles for a visit when cholera broke out. More than 500 people died in lexigton. None of her family died, but some of her school friends did.
  • No more school

    No more school
    Mary Todd graduated at the age of 18.
  • Sister

    Mary went to live in springfeild with her sister, Elizabeth Todd Edwards house in Springfeild, Illinois.
  • Abe

    Mary met Abraham Lincoln at her sisters house because Elizabeth'a husband, Ninian Edwards, was partners with abe
  • Date

    Mary and Abe started dating. They had a high respect for polotics.
  • Abraham and Mary

    Abraham and Mary
    Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln got married in a surprise wedding because her parents did not approve of Abraham and did not appear at the wedding
  • First child

    First child
    The lincolns first child, Robert Todd Lincoln, was born and named after Mary's father.
  • House

    When Mary's dad visited and gave the Lincolns some money, then hired Lincoln in a debt case, the Lincolns were able to build a house.
  • Eddie

    Eddie baker lincoln was born!
  • Moving

    Abe was elected to congress and the lincoln family moved to D.C
  • Robert Smith Todd

    Robert Smith Todd
    Robert Smith Todd, the patriarch of the Todd family, had six chidren by his first wife and eight by his second. While widely successful. he died a dissappointed man in 1849.
  • Willie is gone

    Willie is gone
    Willie died at age 11 from typhoid fever
  • Eddie is gone

    Eddie is gone
    Eddie died at age 3 1/2 from tubercolosis.
  • Willie

    Willie Walace Lincoln was born.
  • Thomas

    Thomas Tad Lincoln was born
  • Bye Lincoln

    Bye Lincoln
    Lincoln was assassinated by Jhon Wilkes Booth at fords theater. Mary was with him watching our american cousin.
  • Thomas is gone

    Thomas is gone
    Thomas Tad Lincoln died of tubercolosis at the age of 18
  • Mary Todd Lincoln Dies

    Mary Todd Lincoln Dies
    On the anniversary of son's death, Mary had a stroke in the Edwards' home in Springfield, Illinois.