Crusade 1

Mary Muldoon: The Third Crusade

  • Period: Jan 1, 1180 to Jan 1, 1295

    Third Crusade

  • Jan 1, 1188

    Archibishop went to the north

    The Archibishop went to the north. He went to seek help for the English and Frenc h. At this time they were in the midst of negotiating a truce.
  • Mar 1, 1188

    Fredrick took the cross publicly

    Her did not actually set out until May 1189. This is because it was a long process assembling the army and departing.
  • Jul 6, 1188

    King Henry II

    Richard, his son, kills his father when switching to the French in the war. Richard became king on September 3rd of England.
  • May 18, 1189

    Captured Konya (iconium)

    The germans falloed the traditional route. They were mocing down through the inside of Asia Minor when they caputers Konya
  • Jun 10, 1190

    death of Fredrick

    death of Fredrick
    Fredrick I tried to swim the River Saleph. He was showing off and being his age they think they should have been more cautious. That day he drowned in the river.
  • Jul 1, 1190

    Richard departs to Jeruselum

    Richard departs to Jeruselum
    Richard was now king and he had no excuse for the delay. He ddi not depart to the Holy Land until three years after the fall of Jeruselum.