Mark Twain's life

  • Birth and childhood

    Birth and childhood
    Mark Twain was born as Samuel Langhorn Clemens. He was the sixth of seven children born to the Clemens family. He was premature and very sick; Haley's comet was visible the night he was born.
  • Best friend

    Tom Blankenship was Twain's best childhood friend, Tom was the son of the town drunk, he was very indepedent which allowed him and Twain to go out to an island on the Mississippi River and spend days out there with a few of their other friends.
  • Young teenage years

    Young teenage years
    Samuel worked as a printers apprentice for his brother in order to help his family pay for stuff since his five time failure father died.
  • Starts riverboat life

    Starts riverboat life
    When he was 17 he decided to leave and make a name for himself on the river. His friend Thomas Jefferson Snodgrass got him a job on a riverboat. His brother later started working on a riverboat as well but it blew up and killed him.
  • Making a name for himself

    Making a name for himself
    Sam got his pen name Mark Twain in 1860 from the way in which the depth of the water was checked on the riverboats. He used the name on everything he wrote from that day foward.
  • Traveling the world

    Mark left the riverboat in 1861 just after the civil war he traveled to the west to try and avoid the war
  • The newspaper

    The newspaper
    Once Twain has spent some time out west he gets a job witing for the Territoriall Enterprise.
  • More traveling

    He traveled around the world sight seeing and picking up on literacy ways of the world.
  • First writing job

    First writing job
    When Twain goes out west he writes the story of the notorious jumping frog.
  • Settles down

    Settles down
    He settled down got married and started a family in Connecticut. He wrote many of his stories there.
  • Writing life

    Writing life
    Mark wrote two of his most widely known books in this year the adventures of huckleberry finn and the adventures of tom sawyer
  • Life on the Mississippi

    Mark wrote the story called Life on the Mississippi it was about his childhood dream to work on a riverboat which he did do when he was about 17.
  • Death

    When Mark Twain died in 1910 he had completed ten full novels. He had written numerous other short stories and unfinished projects.