Mark Twain's Life

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  • The Birth

    The Birth
    Samuel L. Clemens was born in Florida, Missouri to mother, Jane L. Clemens, and father, John Marshall.
  • Father Dies

    Father Dies
    Samuel's father dies and his family moves back into his childhood home.
  • First appearance in a newspaper

    First appearance in a newspaper
    Samuel was in charge of editing Orion's newspaper while his brother was away. Samuel created sketches, he submitted two but only one appeared in an issue of Carpet-Bag.
  • Mark Twain was created

    Mark Twain was created
    Samuel used his pen name for the first time on Enterprise.
  • Moves To California

    Moves To California
    He started working for a newspaper called San Francisco Call. A year later he heard of the Jumping Frog and wrote the story. This was published in the month of November in New York Saturday Press.
  • First Novel

    First Novel
    'The Innocence Abroad' was published
  • Married With Children

    Married With Children
    Samuel married his wife, Olivia, and which they had a son together in November. Sadly their son died two years later. Shortly after, their daughter was born. Two more years later they welcomed a second daughter. Six more years later, his wife gave birth to their third daughter.
  • Second Novel

    Second Novel
    Mark Twain's second novel, Adventures of Tom Sawyer, was published.
  • Third Novel

    Third Novel
    His third novel titled 'Life on the Mississippi' was published.
  • Fourth Novel

    Fourth Novel
    His infamous novel 'Adventures of Huckleberry Finn' was published.
  • Fifth Novel

    Fifth Novel
    His fifth and final novel 'Following The Equator' was published.
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