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Maria Starcz

  • Birth

    In Budakeszi, Pest, Hungary
  • Younger Sister Paloma Dies

    Younger Sister Paloma Dies
    At the age of 2 or 3, her sister Paloma passed away. Maria was about 5 at the time. This is a picture Maria with Paloma.
  • Maraia's Brother Florian Dies

    Maria's brother died of the Spanish Flu
  • Father, Florian dies during World War I

    Father, Florian dies during World War I
    Around the time that her sister and brother died, her father died while fighting in World War I.
  • Marriage to Johann Frank

  • Birth and death of first child - twins

    Maria has twins, but one of them, Franz, only lives a few days. The other, Johann, is healthier and survives.
  • Third child born

  • Husband severely wounded in Siege of Budapest

    Maria's husband, Johann was severely wounded in the seige of Budapest and was lucky to live through the battle.
  • Maria's Mother dies

    In 1946, Maria's mother passed away.
  • Ethnic cleansing forces Maria and Her Family to be deported to Germany

    In 1946, The Soviets forcibly deported Maria and her family to Germany, allowing them to take with them only what they could carry on their backs.
  • Emmigration to USA

    After 6 hard years in Germany, Maria and her family came to the United States.
  • Maria's first grandchild dies shortly after birth.

    maria's first grandchild, Robert died a few minutes after birth.
  • Maria's son, Johann passes away at the age of 59

  • Maria Dies