WMC Event LineUp "Events and Performance Subject to Change"

  • The Drop Zone

    Project Mayhem has teamed up with Juice Recordings
    Congress Hotel South Beach

    1052 Ocean Drive
    11:00am-4:00 am
  • SoGood Label Showcase

    Sogood Label Showcase
    Drinkhouse Fire and Ice
    1672 Collions Ave
  • Crowd Controlol & Friends

    MeCasa Muzik
    2127 NW 1st Ave
  • WMC Official Pool Party "Kick Off"

    Welcome Back all the music lovers and House Heads to the 5th Annual WMC Pool Party of 2016 @ Catalina Hotel
  • DanceLab Recordings Showcase

    Drinkhouse Fire and Ice
    672 Collins Ave
    Miami's first Ice Vodka Bar and Experimental Cocktail fire lounge
  • Breaks Yo!

    Kill Your Idol
    222 Espanola Way
    Ground Zero Crew
  • Salted Gets Deep WMC 2016 Epic Hotel Pool Party

    Epic Hotel Pool
    270 Biscayne Bay
    Salted Music & Deep LA
  • Upscale Records Pool Party 2016

    Albion Hotel
    1650 James Ave
    Upscale Records
  • Souleil In Miami

    Ocean Ten
    960 Ocean Drive
    Souleil, Media Services NYC, Ocean Drive Sessions, Fusicology,SoulOnBeat
  • Feast of Friends-Bedroom Muzik 10th Anniversary

    Kill Your Idol
    222 Espanola Way
    Bedroom Muzik, Dualism Records, Outside Events
  • We Love Brasil

    Drinkhouse Fire and Ice
    1672 Collins Ave
  • Exhibits Open

    10:00 am-Exhibits Open Your Chance to see hear and try out the newest gear, sounds, technology and trends of WMC's two day Exhibit Show.
  • Beats to Bucks-Making Money with Your Music

    12:00 pm Panel of experts explain the different kind of revenue streams and how to maximize them.
  • Aspire To Inspire

    A look into the music industry's most resilient individuals and how they overcame challenges and adversities both in their personal and professional endeavors.
  • WMC DJ Spin-off-Beatmatching

    2:00 pm Watch DJ talent as they mix and manipulate their way to victory in WMC elimination contest where the winner takes all.
  • Kiss My App

    2:00 pm
    Panel of professionals will explore the innovative ways in which artist and technology are working together to engage fans and promote music
  • The Remixing Rut

    2:30 pm The Remixing Rut
  • The Festival Experience

  • A&R and Alteration: Remix A&R

    4:00 pm The panel and key industry players have some insight and wisdom to help you make the best decision for your career
  • Product Demo-Pioneer DJ Rekordbox4.0 Seminar

    Learn about Pioneer DJs
  • 31st Annual Red Carpet Reception

    A toast to the nominess of the Official IDMA Red Carpet Reception
  • 31st Annual International Dance Music Awards

    8:00 pm
  • Libation X Afrique Electrique WMC 2016

    Ocean Ten
    960 Ocean Drive
  • Funk'n Deep Records & Black Kat WMC Showcase

    Segafredo Brickell
    1421 South Miami Ave
  • Spellbinding Records Label Party

    Cucu's Nest
    2805 Collins Ave
    Miami Beach FL
  • "Keep It Deep" Opening Party

    Kill Your Idol
    222 Espanola Way
  • Nick Warren WMC 2016

    Clube Trade
    1439 Washington Ave
  • NYC Deep WMC Throwdown 2016

    1342 Washington Ave
  • Exhibits Open

    10:00 am Exhibits Open
  • Product Demo-Denon DJ

  • Fight For Your Rights-Music Law

  • Product Demo-Pioneer DJ DJM-900NXS2 & CDJ 2000NXS2

  • Producing & Marketing Your EDM CLub Event

    2:00pm Listen to nightclub promoters as the discuss the intricacies of creating events
  • Longevity A Master Class in Building Your Legacy

    2:30 pm The class will teach the fundamentals of staying vital in House Music.
  • WMC DJ Spin-Off Scratching

    3:00pm Catch DJ talent mix and manipulate their way to victory in WMC's contest where winner takes all.
  • Artists,Agents & Managers

    4:00 pm Come meet these heavyweight champions as they give us insight into their world.
  • Label Summit

    4:30pm Topics covered include strategies in advancing a label's development, strategic planning, finance, marketing and distribution, creating sales demand and etc..
  • Digital Distribution

    4:30pm Get the inside track on digital distribution
  • And Let the Singer Be Heard

    Congress Hotel South Beach
    1052 Ocean Drive
    BStar Music Group
  • Body & Soul 20th Anniversary at WMC

    Shelborne Wyndham Grand South Beach
    1801 Collins Ave
  • 3rd Annual Tasty Tuesday South Beach Edition

    The Bunker
    1826 Collins Ave
  • Typ# Records & Perspectives Digital Showcase

    323 23rd Street
  • Toca Tuesday at Tantra

    Tantra Lounge
    1445 Pennsylvania Ave
  • Disruptive Technology in EDM Event Marketing

  • Indepent Labels 101: From the Ground Up

    12:30pm Listen to independent Label owners discuss business plans
  • Remixing & Editing Workshop Level 1

    1:00pm Interact with top studio producers, programmers and remixers.
  • A New Era:The Artistry and Business of Global DJ

    1:00pm A panel of innovative and influential Djs
  • WMC VJ Challenge

    2:00pm VJ Competition
  • Product Demo

    2:00pm Product demo- Rane MP2-14 & MP2-15 Mixers Explained
  • Remixing and Editing Workshop Level 2

    3:30 Interact with top studio producers, programmers and remixers.
  • DJ Culture -Branding of Cool

    3:30pm A panel that provides a discussion on how DJ and Dance music culture is fueling pop culture.
  • Industry Social 12 Year Anniversary

    Congress Hotel South Beach
    1052 Ocean Drive A massive pool party
  • IBIZA live Radio Pool side

    Nautilus Hotel
    1825 Collins Ave Ibiza Live Radio Pool Party
  • Vicio

    25 NE 14th Street
  • DJs, Producers and New Technology

    2:00pm Djs share invaluable knowledge on how they adapt and take advantage of new products and technology.
  • Optical HD

    12:30 pm A panel will get you up close and personal with some of the best touring visual artists.
  • Demo Listening Workshop

  • Vinyl Resurgence-Milennial Cool or Old School

    2:00pm A panel will discuss the aspects of the vinyl resurgence.
  • Full Circle: The 360' Debate

    2:00pm During this panel you will observe first hand how leading industry experts work thru the relevenat issues for a new artist, DJ or priducer entering into a new deal.
  • Music and Addiction

    2:30 pm You will learn about the power of music in addressing addiction.
  • "The Wire" WMC Edition with Tony Touch

    Kill Your Idol
    222 Espanola Way
  • OSFL Presents " One Love One House/United Nations Event"

    LaQuinta Live Music Bar
    929 Washington Ave
  • Funkbox at Electric Pickle

    Electric Pickle
    2826 North Miami Ave
  • DJ Heactor Carrero Presents Up and Down Music Showcase

    Segafredo Brickwell
    1421 South Miami Ave
  • The Clubhouse Jamboree WMC 2016 Edition

    501 Lincoln Ave
  • Master of Mayhem 3 Rooftop Pool Party

    Congress Hotel South Beach
    1052 Ocean Ave
  • Keep it Deep WMC Official Closing Party

    Kill Your Idol
    222 Espanola Way