Champagnat de granada

Marcellin Chapamgnat

By simontd
  • Birth of Champagnat

    Marcellin Joseph Benoit Champagnat was born as the 9th of ten children in Marlhes near Saint-Etienne.
  • Period: to

    Life of Champagnat

  • Ordained a priest

  • Motivation of founding the Marist Brothers

    In 1816 Champagnat vistited a dying 17-year old and was terrified to see that he didn't know anything about god. But he knew that lots of other young people were in this condition. This motivated him to found the Marist Brothers.
  • Period: to

    Foundation of Marist communities and schools

    After the success of the Marist school in La Valla Champagnat founded in the next few years several other Marist communities and schools in Marlhes, Saint-Sauveur-Street, Bourg-Argenta, Haute-Loire, Vanosc, Saint-Symphorien-le-Chateau and Chavanay Charlieu.
  • Founded the Marist Brothers

    Champagnat founded the Marist Brothers in La Valla with two young men. Many soon followed. They were mostly between fifteen and eighteen years old.
  • Letter of pope Pius VII

    A letter of Pope Pius VII is sent praising the idea of the Society of Mary and encouraging its founders. This letter
    marks the first papal recognition of the Society.
  • Blessing of his chapel

    Later Marcellin Champagnat decided to build a chapel on land purchased from the hermitage.
  • Champagnat elects Brother Francis as his replacement

    Marcellin Campagnat was already prepared for his death so he decided to elect brother named Francis as his replacement.
  • spiritual testament made

    In 1840 Champagnat made his spiritual testament. In this he said: "Let there be among you just one heart and one mind. Let it always be said of the Little Brothers of Mary as it was of the early Christians: See how they love one another!"
  • Buried

  • Death

    Champagnat died after long illness of cancer aged 51 near the place where he worked. By then the marist brothers had 278 members and 48 marist schools.
  • Marist Brothers Approved

    The Marist were finally approved by Pope Pius the IX in 1863.
  • Beatified by pope Pius XII

  • Canonized by pope John Paul II

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