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  • The First Car

    The First Car
    Karl Benz was the inventor of the first automobile. His first vehicle was a three-wheeler, had a gasoline engine and a clutch to switch into different gears. On January 29, 1886, Carl Benz was granted patent 37435, and in 1888 Benz's first car was available for purchasing and it had a cost of 1,000 dollars. Later on, Karl Benz created a car brand that is now called Mercedes - Benz.
  • The Ford Model T

    The Ford Model T
    The Ford Model T is a special car because it was the first car to be made on an assembly line. The Assembly line reduced time for making cars by reducing the time to make a motor from 10 hours to just 6 hours. The Model T was sold from 1908 to 1927 and was selling at a price of 850 dollars. But in 1924 it hit its low at about 260 dollars.
  • First Pickup Truck

    First Pickup Truck
    The Model T has many types of body styles (which means like a sedan or a truck, those are different car styles), and one of them is the pickup truck the Model T. This pickup truck made it easier for people to carry things around because of its flatbed as you can see in the image below, (it is carrying wood in its flat bed). The Ford pickup truck was discontinued like the other Model T vehicles. Later the Model T pickup truck led to the revolution of the Ford F series.
  • Audi Type R

    Audi Type R
    The Audi Type R is an expensive car and served its time from 1928 - 1932 and only produced 150 Type Rs. This car was discontinued because of the great depression and because of the high price the vehicle could not find people to buy the car. The Type R is large and fast with the top speed of 75 miles - per - hour. The Type R is a 4-speed manual transmission and had 4 wheels with disc brakes.
  • The Mustang

    The Mustang
    The Mustang was and still is a popular car. In The fist year of making 400000 people had a Mustang. It was a car driven by James Bond in his movie and in many other movies there was a Mustang. Costing around $2,300 by 2004 300 million Mustangs were made. This car was so popular that in 1999 the United States Postal Service made a stamp with a Mustang on it.
  • First Hybrid Vehicle

    First Hybrid Vehicle
    The first Hybrid vehicle was the 1997 Toyota Prius. The Prius was an electric and gasoline-powered vehicle, which means it runs on gasoline and sometimes electrically. In 1998 the Prius won the car of the year in Japan and became the first mass-produced hybrid car in the world. The Prius also got better gas mileage from being a hybrid. A 1997 the Honda Civic got a combined mileage of 30 MPG and the Prius got a combined MPG of 41. Toyota is still producing the Prius today.
  • Tesla

    The first successful electric car was the Tesla Model S. It is a 5-door sedan and has the highest range than its competitors. In one charge this Tesla can go 401 miles, and it can be fully charged in just 12 hours. The Tesla Model S is a new breed of cars, not only is it electric but it is also filled with new technology too, like autopilot meaning the car can drive on its own, and technology that can find its way to you in the parking lot, and it can sense and record anything strange going on.
  • Cars today

    Cars today
    Cars today come in all shapes and sizes. Some of these are Pick-up trucks, minivans, sedans, coupes, and convertibles. These cars are standard with radios, navigation systems, climate controls, power windows, and rearview cameras. Cars have changed over the years from just a seat and a steering wheel that just weighed 220 pounds to a modern car that ways from 1 to 2 tons. Cars today are equipped with things to keep us safe from road accidents.