• USGS

    In 1879 the USGS mapped the entire United States. The USGA created the first map the same year it was founded by Congress. The purpose was "classification of the public lands."
  • Cartographers

    classic mapping technique was called plane table surveying. it required great skills.
  • NASA

    NASA launched the first Landsat satillite. The photographs produced from data gathered by Landsat 1 and its successors shouwed Earth in a way that it had never been seen before.
  • Satellite technology

    Satellite technology
    In this year scientists from the American Museum of Natural History used Landsat images to find a new site for dinosaur fossils and early mammal fossils in the Gobi desert. The images helped pinpoint areas of sedimentary rocks nad low vegetationg both signs of a site that might hold fossils.
  • 2300 B.C.

    2300 B.C.
    One of the first ever maps made in history.