• Rolling Conveyer Belt

    Rolling Conveyer Belt
    Factory work was difficult, so the rolling conveyer belt allowed for parts to move quickly down the line. It was patented in 1908 by Hymle Goddard of Logan Company and became useful in factories nation wide.
  • Car Production Begins

    Car Production Begins
    Henry Ford began production of his car, the Model T. This set factory standards and quickly became one of the biggest manufacturers in the United States.
  • Ford Installs Assembly Line

    Ford Installs Assembly Line
    Henry Ford's creation and use of the assembly line was revolutionary to manufacturing. This allowed for quick mass production of goods, starting with cars.
  • World War I

    World War I
    Global war originating in Europe and lasting four years. Events after the assassination of an Austrian Archduke sparked conflict among countries, dragging others in. Germany and the other Central Powers.
  • Unified Assembly Line

    Unified Assembly Line
    Buick motors created the unified assembly line, very similar to the assembly line created by Ford just a few years prior. This updated assembly line became the largest and most efficient car assembly system in the world.
  • The Great Depression

    The Great Depression
    The Great Depression was a national and global economic depression. The stock market crashed, employees were fired, and families struggled to make money. Herbert Hoover was President.
  • Lean Manufacturing

    Lean Manufacturing
    Toyota introduces lean manufacturing to create cleaner and quicker manufacturing. This included eliminating waste, cutting costs, and boosting innovation.
  • The New Deal

    The New Deal
    Newly elected President Franklin D. Roosevelt creates a plan with a goal to aid those affected by the Great Depression and bring the economy back to life. This included new programs for different workers, federal funding, and financial assistance.
  • Fair Labor Standards Act

    Fair Labor Standards Act
    When manufacturing made companies expand, they needed more workers. They wanted to have the biggest labor force possible but this meant conditions weren't great. The fair labor standards act ensured all workers were treaded humanely.
  • World War II

    World War II
    After dictators took power in Germany, Italy, and Japan, war broke out with surrounding countries. Hitler began invading Poland, with a list of others he would go after next. One of the largest and deadliest wars, WWII lasted six years. This sparked new methods of industry.
  • The Cold War

    The Cold War
    Following WWII, tensions remained between the United States and Soviet Union. Although no there was no military encounter, it is still considered a war because of the intense rivalry between countries.
  • Industrial Robot Invention

    Industrial Robot Invention
    George Devol recognized the need for robots in industry and came up with an invention to solve some problems. The invention included a robotic arm that could move six degrees and follow digital commands.
  • Computer Aided Design

    Computer Aided Design
    The invention and use of computers became useful to manufacturing. Computer aided design allowed for things to become more consistent and precise. Today, CAD is even more detailed and can perform more tasks.
  • Vietnam War

    Vietnam War
    Official war was fought between the communist government and allies in Northern and Southern Vietnam. President Truman sends American troops as an aid package to the French, who were fighting to retain control of French Indochina which included Vietnam. The war lasted twenty years.
  • US Moon Landing

    US Moon Landing
    The United States wins the space race, landing Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon. NASA sends the Apollo ship with Armstrong as well as Buzz Aldwin, successfully landing the ship and collecting samples for observation back on Earth.
  • Occupational Safety and Health Act

    Occupational Safety and Health Act
    After the FLSA, workers still wanted better conditions. The OSHA protected workers from dangerous or unsanitary conditions. It majorly improved employee health.
  • US Manufacturing Peaks

    US Manufacturing Peaks
    Manufacturing jobs hit a peak, accounting for about 20% of American workers. As businesses expanded and technology developed, more people became employed and aided the companies in even more growth.
  • 3D Printing Takes Off

    3D Printing Takes Off
    Chuck Hull created the first 3D printing technology. Most projects started small but gradually got to where they are today.
  • Amazon is Founded

    Amazon is Founded
    Jeff Bezos creates a website to sell books. Bezos had a vision for the company to blow up and expand, but it happened much sooner than planned. They began to design and manufacture more than just books, making it an "everything" store. Amazon is now one of the biggest and richest companies on the globe.
  • Robotic Manufacturing Takes Majority

    Robotic Manufacturing Takes Majority
    After creating improvements to the original invention, robotic manufacturing became much more common once technology started developing more.
  • 9/11 Terrorist Attack

    9/11 Terrorist Attack
    Hijacked planes were crashed into both twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City. Another struck the Pentagon, and a fourth crashed into a field. There were no survivors on any of the planes. It was the largest and deadliest terrorist attack in the US.
  • Enterprise Integration Act

    Enterprise Integration Act
    This act authorized the National Institute of Standards and Technology to work with manufacturing industries. This connected communication between all systems and allowed the enterprises to respond quickly.
  • Hurricane Katrina

    Hurricane Katrina
    Hurricane Katrina was one of the deadliest and costliest tropical storms to ever hit the United States. Nearly 2,000 people died. The storm caused over $125 billion in damage and repairs. The cities destroyed never completely recovered.
  • Manufacturing USA is Created

    Manufacturing USA is Created
    Formerly known as NNMI, the organization consists of multiple manufacturing institutes. Each one has their own unique technological concentrations. The goal of the organization is to accelerate the advancement of manufacturing.
  • COVID-19 Pandemic

    COVID-19 Pandemic
    After months of news about the virus spreading around the globe, schools and businesses across the entire US are forced to shut down and close. Large corporations had to let many of their employees go, some had to leave their jobs for health concerns, and the unemployment rate skyrocketed. Prices and shortages made the economic status vary daily.