Manual Noriega

  • Birth

    Manual Noriega was born
  • Dream

    While in high school Noriega had a dream to become a doctor
  • Failed Dream

    Then when his dream of a doctor failed he went to Peruvian Military Academy and graduated in 1962
  • New Deam

    After he graduated a man named Torrijo who ask him to join his army and Noriega joined
  • Death of Torrijos

    Then in 1981 Torrijos died in a plane crash and Noriega took command of his army
  • Capturned

    In 1985 searcher had found a knockout beat up Noriega and brought him to the U.S Defense Intelligence
  • Mob Attack

    In 1987 Noriega and a mob attacked a building and when they were forced down the damage was over $100,000 after the mob attacked
  • Age Now

    Now Noriega is 80 years old