Manoucher Safajou

By Aazari
  • Born

    Manouchehr Safajou was born in Sanandaj Iran
  • WWII started,

    WWII started,
    Grandpa was 3 years old.
  • Med School

    After Highschool, Grandpa is accepted in into med school in Tehran.
  • Grandma and Grandpa get married

    Grandma and Grandpa get married
    self explanitory
  • Tehran

    Grandpa and Grandma live in Tehran for 2 years
  • Grandpa and grandma return to Tabriz

    After studying in Tehran, Manouchehr and Akram (grandma) move back to Tabriz
  • Fellowship

    Grandpa Leaves for Vienna to do a fellowship there
  • Return

    After two years of fellowship, he returns to Tabriz from Vienna.
  • Islamic Revolution happens

    Islamic Revolution happens
  • retiring

    grandpa retired due to the revolution. More specificallyhe can't deal with the new rules and decides to retire
  • Manouchehr Passes away.

    In 1993 Manoucher passes away due illness