Major Pakistani Terrorist Attacks (2014-2015)

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  • Bannu Van Bombing

    Bannu Van Bombing
    The Taliban placed a bomb in an 18 seat van which hit an army convoy, killing many Pakistani soldiers. The van then exploded at an army checkpoint killing and injuring many more. The total death count was 26 and the non-fatal injuries reached 38.
  • Rawalpindi Suicide Bombing

    Rawalpindi Suicide Bombing
    The Taliban carried out a suicide attack in a town near the Pakistani Army headquarters. There were 14 confirmed deaths and 18 non-fatal injuries.
  • Mastung Bus Bombing

    Mastung Bus Bombing
    A bus carrying pilgrims returning from Iran was bombed killing 29 and injuring 32. The attack was condemned by the President and Prime Minister as well as two other groups. Lashkar-e-Jhangvi claimed responsibility.
  • Peshawar Cinema Bombings

    Peshawar Cinema Bombings
    The Shama Cinema was attacked killing 5 people. 31 others were injured when a stampede occured. The Taliban is suspected as the perpatrator.
  • Peshwar Cinema Bombings

    Peshwar Cinema Bombings
    The Shama Cinema was attacked with three grenades. The theatre had 80 people inside and shortly after the bombing, a stampede started. In total, the death toll for both bombings was recorded as 13. Injuries were reported as 19.
  • Islamabad Court Attack

    Islamabad Court Attack
    Gunmen armed with automatic rifles and suicide vests attacked a court building killing 11 and injuring 25. Ahrar-ul-Hind claimed responsibility.
  • Jinnah International Airport Attack

    Jinnah International Airport Attack
    10 militants armed with automatic weapons, a rocket launcher, suicide vests, and grenades attacked the airport in Karachi. 36 people (including all 10 attackers) were killed and 18 were injured. Both the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan and the Islamic Movement of Uzbeckistan claimed the attacks.
  • Wagah Border Suicide Bombing

    Wagah Border Suicide Bombing
    A suicide bombing took place after the daily border ceremony. Three rival militant groups claimed the bombing, but the assailent has been confirmed as Jamaat-ul-Ahrar. The suspected perpatrator is the Jundallah. The attack left 60 dead and 100 injured.
  • Peshawar School Massacre

    Peshawar School Massacre
    Tehrik-i-Taliban gunmen opened fire in The Army Public School targeting the students and teachers. 145 people (including 132 school boys age 8-18) were killed and 114 were injured.
  • Shikarpur Mosque Bombing

    Shikarpur Mosque Bombing
    (Sunni militants in association with) Pakistani Taliban bombed a Shiite mosque in the Shikarpur District of the Sindh province. Killed at least 53 people and injured 50. (the injured count is unconfirmed)