Major events of World War Two

  • Hitler invades Czechoslovakia

    Hitler marched in and occupied the country!
  • Russia and Germany sign pact

    Hitler and Stalin sign a pact which included secret clauses for the division of Poland.
  • Hitler invades Poland

    Adolf Hitler invaded Poland.
  • Britian and France....

    Britian and France declare war on Germany
  • Hitler invades Denmark and Norway

    Hitler invaded and occupied.
  • France signs armistice with Germany

    The French, Marshall Petain, signed an armistice with Germany taking France, which had been devastated, out of the war and into German occupation
  • Triple pact

    This pact of mutual alliance was signed by Germany, Italy and Japan.
  • Pearl Harbor

    The Japanese, who were already waging war against the Chinese, attacked the US pacific fleet at Pearl Harbour, Hawaii, as a preliminary to taking British, French and Dutch colonies in South East Asia.
  • Britian and U.S declare war on Japan

    They declare war on Japan.
  • Battle of Midway

    The USA defeated the Japanese navy at the Battle of Midway. Following this victory, the US navy was able to push the Japanese back.
  • Battle of Stalingrad

    The Russians won their first victory against Germany at the Battle of Stalingrad.
  • Italy surrenders

    Mussolini had been thrown out of office.
  • D-Day

    The allies launched an attack on Germany's forces in Normandy, Western France. Thousands of transports carried an invasion army under the supreme command of general Eisenhower to the Normandy beaches.
  • Death of Roosevelt

    President Roosevelt died. He was succeeded by President Truman.
  • Hitler commits suicide

    The German leader, Adolf Hitler committed suicide in his bombproof shelter together with his mistress.
  • German forces surrender

    German forces in Italy surrendered to the Allies.
  • Atomic Bomb dropped on Hiroshima

    The Japanese generals refused to surrender. The US dropped an atomic bomb on the island of Hiroshima.
  • Russia declares war on Japan

    Russia declared war on Japan and invaded Japanese-ruled Manchuria.
  • Japanese surrender

    The Japanese unconditionally surrendered to the allies ending the second world war.
  • MacArthur accepts Japan's surrender

    US General, Douglas MacArthur, accepted Japan's surrender thus formally ending the second world war.