Major Events of Blues Music History

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  • Minstrel Shows Gain Popularity

    Minstrel Shows Gain Popularity
    The minstrel show, with its blackface performers, crude racial caricatures, and the song "Jump Jim Crow" becomes part of American popular culture.
  • Slave Songs Published

    Slave Songs Published
    Slave Songs of the United States, the earliest collection of African-American spirituals, is published.
  • "Maple Leaf Rag" Published

    "Maple Leaf Rag" Published
    Scott Joplin publishes "Maple Leaf Rag." Ragtime will become a key influence on the Piedmont style of blues.
  • Black Music First Recorded

    Victor Records issues the first known recording of Black music, "Camp Meeting Shouts."
  • Bluesman Discovered

    The musician W.C. Handy sees a bluesman playing guitar with a knife at a train station in Mississippi.
  • Folk Blues Debuts

    Folk Blues Debuts
    Ralph Peer, the famous Artist & Repertory man for Okeh and Victor Records, makes his first field recordings in Atlanta, Georgia, marking the recording debut of both the folk blues and what will later be called country music.
  • First Folk Blues Records

    First Folk Blues Records
    The first male folk blues records, featuring singers Papa Charlie Jackson and Daddy Stovepipe, are issued.
  • Great Depression

    Great Depression
    The Wall Street Crash of 1929 begins on Black Thursday, signaling the beginning of the Great Depression in the United States. Amid widespread economic ruin, sales of records and phonographs plummet, crippling the recording industry.
  • Jump Blues

    A danceable amalgam of swing and blues and a precursor to R&B. Jump blues was pioneered by Louis Jordan
  • Electric Guitar Introduced

    Electric Guitar Introduced
    Eddie Durham records the first music featuring the electric guitar. The modern instrument, first developed by musician George Beauchamp and engineer Adolph Rickenbacher in the early 1930s, will help to transform the sound of the blues.
  • Muddy Waters and Chicago Blues

    Muddy Waters and Chicago Blues
    Muddy Waters makes his first Chicago recordings, beginning his tenure as the dominant figure in the Chicago blues and a key link between the Mississippi Delta and the urban styles.
  • Elvis Debuts

    Elvis Debuts
    Elvis Presley makes his recording debut on Sun Records with a version of Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup's "That's All Right."
  • The Country Blues

    Samuel Charters publishes The Country Blues, fueling the blues element of the folk music revival.
  • White Fan Base

    Muddy Waters and B.B. King perform at the Fillmore East, a concert venue in the East Village region of New York City, to a predominantly white audience.
  • "Year of the Blues" Declared

    "Year of the Blues" Declared
    Congress declares 2003 the "Year of the Blues," commemorating the 100th anniversary of W.C. Handy's encounter with an unknown early bluesman at a train station in Mississippi.
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