Major events in the history of Blues music

By 18_CJ
  • Slave Songs

    Slave Songs
    When the Civil War began the Blues started to develop as slaves began to sing about their harsh quality of life.
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    Major events in Blues History

  • Slave Songs of the United States

    Slave Songs of the United States
    Considered a staple book within the folk and spiritual music genres, the "Slave Songs of the United States" was published and comprised of 136 songs that were sung by southern plantation workers.
  • Scott Joplin

    Scott Joplin
    Scott Joplin published "Maple Leaf Rag" which highly influenced the early Blues.
  • Blues Begins

    Blues Begins
    The first blues songs are published as sheet music, including W.C Handy's "Memphis Blues".
  • U.S joins WW1

    U.S joins WW1
    The war affected the economy and military marshaling which led to the internal migration of African Americans. This led to many white Americans' exposure to the Blues.
  • Mamie Smith

    Mamie Smith
    The first solo African American recording was Mamie Smith's cover of "Crazy Blues" by Perry Bradford. This version sold over 1,000,000 copies in its release year.
  • Big Bill Broonzy

    Big Bill Broonzy
    As a bluesman from Mississippi, he moved to Chicago and was a large contributor to the creation of Chicago Blues.
  • Slide guitar

    From Kentucky, Sylvester Weaver is known as the first to record slide guitar which was done with a knife or a bottle top.
  • Amplified technology

    Amplified technology
    For the first time, electrical recording technology was introduced and expanded the genre's audience.
  • Races collide

    Races collide
    Lead Belly or Huddie Ledbetter was the first Blues artist to perform for a white audience beyond the South.
  • Robert Johnson

    Robert Johnson
    Delta Blues artist Robert Johnson was an important piece to the Blues development despite his short recording career.
  • Electric Guitar

    Electric Guitar
    The first electric guitar was recorded and played by Eddie Durnham. This instrument added body and power to music, especially the Blues
  • WW2 Ends

    Soldiers returned home from WW2 and enhanced the popularity of Blues. This initiated the influence that Robert Johnson and T-Bone Walker had.
  • "King"

    Known as one of the most influential Blues guitarists, BB King released his first major Blues hit which was a cover of "Three O'Clock Blues".
  • A New Direction

    Blues artists including Muddy Waters, Jimmy Smith, and Big Mama Thorton begin to shape the modern blues that is familiar today.