Majoe events 1750-1915

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    Major evernts from 1850-1915

  • Industrial revolution

    The industrial revolution took place between 1760-1840. There was a lot of you things invented to make working a lot easier, and it had people that would nomaly be working on a farm, move to cities, to work in factories.
  • Captain Cook lands in Australia

    In 1770 was the first landing inAustralia ever recorded. It took place in Sydney and it was by Captain Cook. Now there are many people living in Australia.
  • War of Independence

    The American Revolution began in 1750. It started with a disagreement with the American people wanting independence from the England.
  • American Revolution

  • First fleet to Austalia

    The First Fleet started in 1778 and took 252 days, and bought 11 ships with 1500 people. They landed in Sydney in 1779 were they set up settlement and began a new life.
  • French Revolution

    97% of France were living in poverty, and were over it so they over through the King and Queen. They all started changing the laws and even changed how the calendar worked.
  • Settlement of Australia

  • War between Great Britan and U.S

    The war between the U.S and Great Britan took place becuase America wanted its independence. America's founders (Great Britan) didn't want to give it to them, so it started a war.
  • Corn planter invented

    The cornplanter was invented by Henry Blair and African Amarican slave. He was lucky to have the oppotunity to make this and was kind enough to share it with the white people.
  • Manifest Destiny

  • The gold rush in Austalia

    Gold was one of the biggest things in 1851 and everyone wanted a peice of it. Alot of Asian's and Europeans came to Australia seaching for there chance at the big shot, most failing.
  • Civil War

    The civil war was between North and South America. It was triggerd by the election of Abraham Lincoln in 1860. Over 600 000 people died.
  • Abraham Lencon's assassination

    On April the 14th in 1865 Abraham Lencon was killed by John Wilkes while watching a play, who was able to escape just after. He died in hospital a day later.
  • Boer War

    The Boer War took place in 1880 as another country wanted its independance from Great Britan. It took place in South Africa and many died.
  • Scramble for Africa

    All the Europen countries had just discoverd the benifits by owning land in Africa and but all there energy into surcuering some for themselves. It was a bid deal and with in the next sereral years most of it was clamied.
  • First Airplane was Built

    The invention of planes was in 1903 by Wright brothers. It wasn't a massive deal at the time beacuase there were other inventions that were better, but over time they improved it and it became even more fantastic.
  • Titanic was built

    In 1909 the titanic was finally complete. After years of preperation and millions of dollars the well antisipated ship was done.
  • Titanic sunk

    In 1912 the "unsinkable ship" sunk. It was a real surprise to all and put dought in there mind about there modern world. Thousands of people died.
  • A.F.F Assassinated

    Bosnia wasn't getting on with there empire and wanted to get back at them. A Serbian group called The Black Hand played to assassinate him, and did so. Starting WW1
  • Treaty of Versailles signed

    A treaty signed to finish WW1 once and for all. It took 6 months and happand in France.