Mahammad Ali

By bkk9820
  • Born

    Mahammad Ali was born in 1942, people say that Mahammad Ali was able to talk really good as a baby. As he grew older he was in love with boxing.
  • Stolen Bike

    Stolen Bike
    He was 12 when he got his bike stolen.That is how he became a boxer because when that kid stole his bike he had anger issues and started boxing lessons just in case it happenend again.
  • Won

    He won a light-heavy gold medal. 1 the greatest 2 super fight 3 facing ali
  • Won Again

    Won Again
    He won the Heavy-Weight Underdog championship.
  • Jail

    Ali refuses to join the army.They asked him but he did not want to so he went to jail but wasn't found guilty.