Maennerchor Timeline

  • Group first meets

    Group first meets in Eduard Longerich’s room at 75 E Washington Street
  • First concert

    First Concert, held at Washington Hall
  • Hired first director

    First paid director hired, at $100/year stipend
  • Splits into 2 organizations

    Maennerchor splits into two organizations: Maennerchor, and Konkordia
  • Maennerchor re-unites

    Maennerchor re-unites
  • Grand Army of the Republic

    Maennerchor sings at the first encampment of the Grand Army of the Republic
  • Nord Amerikanische Sangerbund

    Maennerchor hosts Nord Amerikanische Sangerbund
  • Moves to old City Hall

    Group moves to the old City Hall, 377 E Washington Street
  • Groundbreaking

    Ground broken for Maennerchor Hall
  • Move to Maennerchor Hall

    Group moves into Maennerchor Hall. Vice President and Maennerchor member Charles W. Fairbanks serves as principal speaker.
  • North Amerikanische Sangerbund

    City hosts North Amerikanische Sangerbund
  • John P. Frenzel dies

    John P. Frenzel, Maennerchor benefactor, dies
  • Last concert

    Last concert at Maennerchor Hall
  • Move to Athenaeum

    Group moves to Athenaeum
  • Maennerchor Hall sold

    Maennerchor Hall sold
  • First Triad concert

    First Triad Concert with Knights of Columbus and Murat Shrine
  • Grand Army of the Republic

    Maennerchor sings at the last encampment of the Grand Army of the Republic
  • Indianapolis Symphony

    Performs with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra under direction of Fabian Sevitsky
  • Clowes Hall

    Begins “Evening of Song” program at Clowes Hall
  • Maennerchor Building sold

    Maennerchor Building sold to American States Insurance, and razed.
  • Tri-Centennial Celebration

    Performs at the Tri-Centennial Celebration of German Immigration to the United States
  • Soldiers and Sailors Monument Centennial

    Performs for the Soldiers and Sailors Monument Centennial ceremony
  • Last Triad Concert

    Last Triad Concert
  • Sesquicentennial Concert

    Sesquicentennial Concert