Madame Doubtfire

  • Daniel and Miranda does not live together anymore, so Daniel don't see the children very much

  • Daniel is actor but gets a new job as a nude model.

  • Daniel gives Miranda money so she can get a housekeeper for the children.

  • Miranda want's a housekeeper and writes a letter and leaves it at the newspapers office. But Daniel has chances the number so she only gets 4 calls (from daniel)

  • Daniel calls Miranda and act like Madame Doubtfire. He chanced his look and his voice.. and then.. Madame Doubtfire

  • The children knew Mrs. Doubtfire was Daniel, Miranda had no idea

  • Daniel has to modelling in Miranda's home so he can't be Madame Doubtfire and then she findes out.

  • Miranda gets angry at Daniel but then Lydia talks with her so she let him work in the garden insted of a housekeeper.