Mildred cusrso de ingles


  • Born

    Mildred was born in 2006 on Mexico city. She born in the hospital "Troncoso"
  • The first memory

    The first memory
    The first memory of Mildred is when she was in a ladders, she remember that she was running, but she says that she didn't know nothing about she.
  • "The lion king"

    "The lion king"
    When she has 8 years old... She was watching a movie... a movie and that movie was "The lion king". (Fews minuts later) His mom said to Mildred and her sister that they needed to go at the store. When they'r back... they was singing but Mildred climbed to the sidewalk and she was imagined the pig of the movie when... she fell and broke his leg.
  • The DIF

    The DIF
    In 2019 Mildred had her ratings, she noticed that she was inside in the DIF...
  • The river

    The river
    When Mildred was about 10 years old. She go to the "marqueza" in Mexico city. When she was in the marqueza she saw the river and she wanted to measure it. So she took a branch and put in the river, when she wanted to take it out she goes to the river.
  • COMIPEMS and results

    COMIPEMS and results
    Mildred have 15 yers old. Mildred was a person so lazy, she didn't study, she watched movies everything... she always cried but in the final she studied :/ (Some months later) [She doing other exam for a music eschool] When she checked her results she was not accept in the music school... (those results came out first) She was so nervous for the other results of the COMIPEMS but when she saw ¡¡she was accept!!