Leonhard euler

Luis Marin-Collazo:Leonard Euler

  • The Birth Of Leonard Euler

    The Birth Of Leonard Euler
    Leonard was born on April 15,1707 in Basel,Switzerland
  • Euler's Early Years

    Euler's Early Years
    Euler raised mostley in Berlin,Geramny but lived his young childhood life in Basel,Switzerland.
  • Analysis

    Leonard brilliantly solved the Basel Problem in 1735 with help by the notes of Newton and Leibniz.He introduced the expantial function and lagorithms for proof and to slove mathematical equatians at his time.
  • Talented Much?

    Talented Much?
    Euler studied and worked in mainly all the areas of mathematics.Geometry, infinitesimal calculus, trigonometry, algebra, and number theory were most of the fields that he worked in.
  • Graph Theory

    Graph Theory
    In 1736 Euler sovled a problem wich was known as Seven Bridges of of Königsberg.The city of Königsberg was seted on a river called the Pregal River. Euler wanted to help the city by creating a circuit for smooth entry and exit. Knowing this the solution came from the Graph Theory and the Planar graph theory
  • Discovery

    Euler discoverd the formula V − E + F = 2 . Which relates to to the number of vertices, edges and and faces of a complex shape or graph.
  • Eulers Strange Ideas

    Eulers  Strange Ideas
    Euler had a strange intrest was to form math in a way to form music!In 1739 he wrote ''Tentamen novae theoriae musicae'' hoping to include musical theory to mathematics.
  • The Euler–Bernoulli beam equation

      The Euler–Bernoulli beam equation
    Euler hepled Bernoulli coduct the Euler-Bernoulli beam equation, wich becam a starting point for engeneering.This tool helped many figure out many problems in classical mechanic problems and helped others in thier astronomy work.
  • Disagreement

    Euler had disagrements with Newtons perspective of the Theory Of Light.In 1740 paper on optics helped Euler made the wave theory of light a mode of thought.
  • Death Of Euler

    Death Of Euler
    Euler died on September 18,1783 in St.Petersburg,Russia.Eulers got live untill age 76 but helped many with his mathematical specialty.