Ludwig Van Beethovan

  • Born

    Beethovan as born in Bonn, Germany. He had a mother, father, and two brothers. Beethovan had a poverished childhood. His father was a drunkard who wanted him to become the next Mozart. (Ewen 288)
  • Boston tea party

    American patriots dressed as Mohawk Indians, and boarded ship of the East Indian Company. These ships docked in the Boston Harbor cintained 342 chests of tea which weighed over 10,000 pounds. This event happened because the Tea Act issued in 1773 by Parliament made tax payers feel like thy were being treated unfairly. (Grun)
  • American Revolution

    General George Washington got his seond victory in the reolution. His troops defeated the British at Princeton. The British were drivn towards New Brunswick. Washington then established winter quarters at Morristow, NJ. (Grun)
  • Beethoven's musical studies

    At age eleven, Beethovan started continue to be intrsted in music. He decided to study the court organist named Christian Gotlob Neefe. He started taking some music lessons with her, and she taught him greatthings about music. ("Ludwig Van Beethovan")
  • Beethoven's talents became known

    After taking musical lessons with Neefe for two years, Beethovan was prospering and doing great works. Neefe reconized Beethovan's alntsand knew he was goint to be known in the musical world. She then went and published Beethovan's talent in the Magazin de Musik.
  • Dollar currency introduced to the U.S.

    The United States ssued its first offical coin in 1787 called the Fugio Cent. Cogress devisedthe Fugio to get sorely needed small change into circulation. James Jaruis who was a coiner, was awarded a contract. The contract was to strike 30 tons of Fugio Cents. The Fugio Cents never made it into genral circulation, and the government finally sold them to a merchant at a loss. (Grun)
  • Father helped Beethovan's carrer in the early stages

    Beethovan's father (Johann) arraned for Beethovan to have a small concert in Bonn, Germany. Beethovan's first concet was in his hometown. Even at such a young age, only eight years of age, Beethovan was proving himself to have unlimited poential and some great talent. (Jacobs)
  • A big step in Beethovan's life

    Beethovan continued to learn everything he could about music. One day in his home town of Bonn, well known in the music world, Joseph Hayden happened to be passing by Bonn. it is thought that Beethovan was mot likely introduced to him then as a potential student, ("Ludwig Van Beethovan")
  • The greatest decesion possible for Beethoven

    Beethoven at age twenty-two decieded that it was time to leave his hometown. He then located to Vienna, Austria to continue his studies with Joseph Hayden.
  • Slaverly abolished in the French Colonies

    Slavery was first abolished in france, then definitively abolished in 1848. France was the first major western country to adopt legislation reconizing the slave trade as "a crime against humanity". (Grun)
  • First public appearance

    Three years after making Vienna Beethoven's permenant residance, he made his first public appearance. He was trying to make money by doing public concerts. (Ewen 288)
  • Beethoven looses something dearly

    Beethoven notices first signs that his hearing was deteriorating, In music, being able to hear pitches, and tones are crutial. Beethoven was composing music at this time, but learned how to continue composing even when he was deaf. ("Ludwig Van Beethoven")
  • The first Dahillas in England

    Tasmania Hobart founded Dahilas in England. They are describedas bushy, tuberous, herbaceous perennial plants. These plants are native to Mexico, Central America, and Columbia. French people were sent to Mexico to steal the flower. (Grun)
  • Hard work earned

    Beethoven worked his way from the ground up. He earned everywhere he had gotten at this point in his life. After studying for countlss hours, it paid off. Beethove was invited to be a music director at Kassel. This job offer was important in Beethovens life because it showed tat he was respected by many. (Ludwig Van Beethoven)
  • Discoveries

    Jonsjcob Berzelium founded lithium and selenium.He was a sweedish chemist. He discovered a chemical that can be used in experiments. Also, we use lithium in batteries.
  • Death of the great composer

    Beethoven died on March 26, 1827 at the age of fifty-seven. He passed away because he had cirrhosis of the liver. His compositions became very famous after his death and he is still greatly respected today. (Ewen 288)