Louis Zamperini(Devil At My Heels)Troy Groover

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  • Louis Joins The Race

    Louis Joins The Race
    Louis started running instead of drinking, smoking, and getting into fights and he got rid of his delinquent past and went on to qualify for the Olympics. this had a positive affect on him because he was able to start making friends.
  • 1936 Olympics

    1936 Olympics
    Louis raced in the Olympics and placed 8th with a final lap of 56 seconds he caught the attention of Adolf Hitler who shook his hand and said "Ah your the boy with the fast finish". this had a mostly positive affect on him because he was able to realize he wasn't the best at everything and caused him to strive to become better.
  • Louis Joins The War

    Louis Joins The War
    In April of 1941 Louis Enlists in the army and earned a commission as a second lieutenant. He was deployed to the Pacific island of Funafuti as a bombardier on the Consolidated B-24 Liberator bomber named Super Man.this had a positive affect on him because it tough him brotherhood
  • Louis At Sea

    Louis At Sea
    On 27 May 1943 Louis was shot down and only 2 other cremates survived they were adrift until 47 days later they were captured and taken to Marshall island. this had a negative affect on him because after the war it was things like this that caused him to drink
  • Caries The Torch

    Caries The Torch
    in 1998 Louis carries the Olympic torch through a town near the site of one of the World War II prison camps where he endured brutal treatment. this had a positive affect on him because it made him learn to forgive
  • Theme Statement

    Louis Zamperini is a hard working man who can do anything if he puts his mind to it
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