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How Louis Armstrong's Career was Affected by his Race

  • Introduction

  • Louis Armstrong was born

    Louis Armstrong was born in New Orleans, Louisiana on August 4, 1901. His mother Mayann raised him in a neighborhood so dangerous it was called “The Battlefield.”
  • He Began Studying Music

    Louis dropped out of school after his fifth grade year at the age of 11. In December 31, 1912, he fired a gun during a New Year's Eve celebration. He was then sent to reform school where he studied music and played cornet and bugle in the school band.
  • "Back O' Town Blues" originally written

    "Back O' Town Blues" originally written
    Louis Armstrong originally wrote "Back O' Town Blues" in 1923 about a woman in his home in New Orleans. He published the son under the pseudonym "Herbie Herbedeaux", he originally wrote the song to sell to white performers during the blues boom of the early twenties. Louis didn't record the song himself until the mid-forties.
  • February of 1957 - Explosion at Louis Armstrong Concert in Knoxville

    February of 1957 - Explosion at Louis Armstrong Concert in Knoxville
    Louis Armstrong and his All-Stars played at the Jacob Building in Knoxville, Tennessee in February of 1957. During the performance of "Back O' Town Blues" there was a dynamite stick that exploded right outside of the building. Although Louis heard it he continued to play the rest of the performance after jokingly commenting "That's all right, folks...That sounded like a drunk falling out of the balcony." Saying later about the explosion that "The horn don't dig those race troubles."
  • September Louis Speaks Out About Injustices In Little Rock

    September Louis Speaks Out About Injustices In Little Rock
    Louis speaks out about Governor Orval Faubus sending in Arkansas National Guard to prevent nine African American school children from integrating Central High School. Armstrong vented to Larry reporter Lubenow, "The way they're treating my people in the south, the government can go to hell." Days later President Eisenhower took action to make sure those students made it safely into the school. Some believe Armstrong's words are what led him to take action.
  • September 1957 - News Article Talking about Louis Armstrong's Comments

    The article was made to talk about Louis's reaction to the accusations of him saying "sorry he spouted off." Louis responds by saying "I wouldn't take back a thing I've said. What I said is me. That's the way I feel." What Louis said shocked his critiques who reffered to him as a "Uncle Tom" (A black man considered to be excessively obedient or servile to white people.). This was a very strong presentation of Armstrong's passion for "his people."
  • "The Kiss Of Joy"

    "The Kiss Of Joy"
    "The Kiss Of Joy" is a photo of Louis Armstrong kissing the hand of 7-year-old Enrico Tomasso. When Armstrong arrived at the Leeds Bradford Airport in Leeds, England he was met by the sweet sounds of "Basin Street Blues." Enrico Tomasso and his father were playing the tune when Armstrong stopped to listen. Louis was infatuated with Enrico and he took his hand and kissed it. Louis invited Enrico and his family to every performance in at the Batley Variety Club. He sat with Rico and shared wisdom.
  • Louis Armstrong Died

    Louis died in his sleep from a heart attack at his home in Corona, New York, NY on July 6, 1971. He was a celebrated jazz trumpeter and singer who lived to be 69 years old.
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