Louie armstrong

Louie Armstrong

  • Birth of Louis Armstrong

    Birth of Louis Armstrong
    Louis Armstrong war born in New Orleans,Louisianna. Shortly after his birth, Louis' father abandoned his family.
  • First Flight

    First Flight
    In 1903, the Wright brothers made the worlds first succesful, controlled and powered flight on an aircraft.
  • New Year's Celebration

    New Year's Celebration
    On New Year's Eve in 1912, Louis Fired a gun in which he was sent to New Orleans Home for Colored Waifs.There he recieved musical instruction on the cornet and fell in love with music.
  • The First World War

    The First World War
    In 1914, the First World War began. Louis was 13 years old at the time.
  • Daisy Parker

    Daisy Parker
    On March 19, 1918, Louis married Daisy Parker. His marriage to Parker failed quickly and they separated. She died shortly after the divorce.
  • Joe Oliver and Louis Armstrong

    Joe Oliver and Louis Armstrong
    In 1922, Armstrong joined the departure to Chicago, where he had been invited by his mentor, Joe Oliver, to join his Creole Jazz Band.
  • Lil Hardin

    Lil Hardin
    Louis married Lil Hardin on Febuary 4, 1924. She was a pianist on Olivers band and met Louis as they played music.
  • Leaving Oliver's band and Fletcher Henderson

    Leaving Oliver's band and Fletcher Henderson
    After Marrying Lil Hardin, she pursuaded Louis to leave Oliver's band and go on his own. not long after that, he got a job working for Fletcher Henderson.
  • Alpha Smith and Lucille

    Alpha Smith and Lucille
    In 1938 he divorced lil and married his girlfriend Alphs Smith. not long after,he settled in Queens, New York and lived with his fourth wife Lucille Armstrong.
  • The Korean War

    The Korean War
    In June 1950, the Korean War started and continued until July 1953.
  • I'll See You in My Dreams

    In 1958, Louis Armstrong performed the song "I'll See You In My Dreams".
  • What a Wonderful World

    What a Wonderful World
    The song What a Wonderful World was written by Bob Thiele and George David Weiss. It was first recorded by Louis Armstrong and released in 1968.
  • Death of a Legend

    Death of a Legend
    Louis Armstrong died of a heart attack in his sleep on July 6, 1971. He was residing in Corona, Queens, New York City, at the time of his death.