Literacy Timeline

  • Learned the Korean alphabet

    When I was two years old, I had learned the Korean alphabet through reading books on my own. I was able to read basic words in the newspaper. However, I could not understand most of the words.
  • Began school in U.S.

    After moving from Korea to the United States, I began schooling in 3rd grade in Howard County. I was in an ESOL class where I received one-on-one instructions as well as received sheltered instruction.
  • Received first 100 on a spelling test.

    In fourth grade, I received my first 100% on a spelling test. Not understanding all of the definitions of the words, I studied on memorizing how to spell the words.
  • Read my first leisure book

    I never enjoyed reading books. However, in fifth grade, I decided to read a book for pleasure on my own. It was the first time in my life where I read a book and finished it. The book was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl.
  • Finished ESOL program

    Beginning of 5th grade, I was still in ESOL program. However, my content area teacher for reading class decided to move me up to the highest reading class. With this, my ESOL placement was no longer necessary and I began fifth grade with no longer receiving sheltered or ESOL instruction.
  • Received first 100 on a research paper for English class

    For my tenth grade English class, we had to write a research paper on a novel that we read throughout the year. I decided to write mine on the Oedpius Complex. I was never a strong writer when it came to creative writing. This was the time I realized that my strengths were in writing research papers and not so much for creative papers.
  • English AP test

    For my junior English class, I took my first English AP test. I received a 3.
  • Moved down in English class level

    As a senior in high school, I decided to move down from AP to Honors English class in order to avoid too much wordload.
  • First college English class

    I took English 101 at University of Maryland, College Park as a requirement for graduation. As mentioned in a prior event, I am a terrible creative writer. This was further proved through English 101 where I had received low grades for all of the papers except for the research paper at the end of the semester.
  • Business English class

    My last English class requirement for graduation was an upper level English class of choice. Being a business major, I took Business English where the class consisted of reading and writing about business memos, proposals, etc. It was a different experience taking an English class that strayed away from creative writing.