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Linus Pauling

  • Linus's Early Years

    Linus's Early Years
    He was born on Febuary 28, 1901 in Portland, Oregon. He was the son of Henry William and Lucy Darling. His father being of German descent and his mother, Scottish.
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    Linus Pauling's Life History

  • Linus's Personal Life

    Linus's Personal Life
    In 1902, After his sister Pualine's birth, His family moved out of Portland. In 1904 , during the year Lucile was born, Herman moved the family to Oswego where he had a drugstore. By age 9 he was an avid reader.
  • His Association with Chemistry

    His Association with Chemistry
    He was interested in Molecular structure since 1919. What inspired him, Though, was papers written by Irvin Langmuir.
  • Educational History

    Educational History
    He entered Oregon State in 1927 and in 1922 he got the degree of B.Sc in chemical engineering. He taught in the State college from 1919-1922.
  • Linus's Suggestion

    Linus's Suggestion
    He suggested and expirimented on the orientation of Iron atoms in the magnetic field.
  • He gets married

    He gets married
    He married Ava Miller in 1923 and they had 4 children. Linus Jr., Peter, Linda, and Edward.
  • He gets elected

    He gets elected
    Linus was elected to research associate at the California Institute of Technology.
  • Linus gets some awards.

    Linus gets some awards.
    Linus was elected rationalist of the year in 1960 and Humanist of the year in 1961. This was because of his books, "No More War" and "The Nature Of The Chemical Bond And The Structure Of Molecules And Crystals"
  • Nobel peace prize

    Nobel peace prize
    He was granted the Nobel Peace prize in 1962. And he received another in 1963
  • The Death of Linus Pauling

    The Death of Linus Pauling
    He died in Big Sur, California just out side his ranch. his death was only 3 years after his wife's in 1991. She died of a Stomach Cancer.