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    Songs in English

    The songs in English are very common and there are different types such as: rock, electro, pop, among others.
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    In the 2000s they belonged to pop since these songs were very common in these years but rock was taking over.
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    In these years rock had already earned a place in these years, it was also common to hear this type of music at this time.
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    In these years, another type of music called electronic had already come out and it was very common to hear them in children, adolescents, otakus, youtubers, among others.
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    These types of music had earned the position for many reasons and it is not convenient to mention them.
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    We do not know what the young people of 1992 were thinking, surely born between 1967 and 1977, but this group of teenagers and early twenties chose that year for the top of the music charts a series of songs with a leitmotif: the bitter, the sad , the gray. So depressed were they?
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    1993 can be remembered as the year of Whitney. ‘The Bodyguard’ was a huge success at the box office. Released in November of the previous year, it was still able to be the second highest grossing film in 1992. Its soundtrack became the best-selling film in the history of cinema.
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    On April 8, 1994, millions of young people mourned the death of Kurt Cobain, who appeared dead at his home after having shot himself in the head three days earlier. He was 27 years old. The voice of grunge faded dramatically, although it was true that Cobain had a long depressive season and had already had suicide attempts. In any case, it was a before and after for the genre, since Nirvana, the most important group in the grunge movement, immediately dissolved.
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    Britpop is a sub-genre of alternative rock that emerged during the 1990s with strong influences from groups from the 1960s (mainly The Kinks and The Beatles). The bands that embraced britpop published very elaborate material on sound, with a delicacy that differentiated them from other rock groups (an example of this is the work of The Verve). It was what was worn during those years (1994-1996)