Life of Sacagawea

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  • Born

    Sagagawea was born sometime between 1784-1788 but no one is aware of her actual birth date. She was born in present day Lemhi, Idaho and was part of the Shoshone tribe. She was born with the name Boinaiv.
  • Kidnapped

    At 14 years old Sacagawea was kidnapped by Crow/Minataree warriors and sold to another tribe, Hidatsa. She was taken hundreds of miles from her first tribe and then force into marriage. She was married to Toussaint Charbonneau, a french fur trader.
  • Lewis and Clark

    Lewis and Clark
    The Lousisana Purchase had been negtioted around the time of Sacagawea's marriage. Lewis and Clark begin their expedition along with 45 other men. They were to explore the land to the Pacific Ocean.
  • Lewis and Clark meet the Hidatsu

    Lewis and Clark meet the Hidatsu
    Once Lewis anc Clark had crossed the lands of the Hidatsu where they met Sacagawea's husband Charbonneau. He offered them his service as an interpreter.
  • Sacagawea's Child

    Sacagawea's Child
    Sacagawea gave birth to her first child before going on the expedition. Meriwhether Lewis helped deliver the baby who she named Jean-Baptiste who they later called "Pomp". He traveled on her back for most of the expedition.
  • Sacagawea Joins the Expedition

    Sacagawea Joins the Expedition
    Lewis and Clark agree and hire Sacagawea and Charbonneau as interpreters on their journey to explore western lands. Sacagawea spoke Hidatsu and Shoshoni while her husband only knew Shoshoni. Sacagwea brought along Jean-Baptiste, who was 2 months old at the time.
  • Sacagawea First Herioc Save

    Sacagawea First Herioc Save
    When the groups food source was scarce, Sacagawea was there to help. She started to add artichokes to the diet in which she succeeded and found big quantities of. She found many other edible roots that were proved useful for medicine as well,
  • Boat incidents

    Boat incidents
    Due to her husband poor boatsmanship, the expeditons boat nearly capsized.Sacagawea thought fast and managed to save medicine, scientific tools and valuable research notes. Lewis complimented her for saving their beneficial items.
  • The Dramatic Coincidence

    The Dramatic Coincidence
    In one of the most ironic parts of their journey, Sacagawea had recognized the Shoshone country of which she was from. Sacagawea was asked to translate a council from the cheif where she recognixed the cheif as her brother Cameahwait.She still continued on the expedition afterward.
  • Death

    There are many theories about Sacagawea's death and no one knows for sure her actualy death date or whether it was in 1812 or 1884. However even after her death in 2001 her image appeared on the U.S.dollar coin. On January 17, 2001 Sacagawea was named an honorary sergeant, regular army by Bill Clinton.