Life of Governour Morris

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  • Birth

    Gouvernor Morris was born
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    Life of Gouvernor Morris

  • Graduating College

    He attended King's College (later Columbia College and University) in New York City, graduating in 1768 at the age of 16
  • Admission to the bar

    Three years later, after reading law in the city, he gained admission to the bar.
  • Family Laywer

    Morris was elected to represent his family estate in southern in the New York provincial congress
  • War

    In 1776, when he also served in the militia
  • Post war

    After fighting in the war Morris Subsequently joined its council of safety (1777).
  • Legislature

    In 1777-78 Morris sat in the legislature
  • Continental congress

    1778-79 in the Continental Congress, where he numbered among the youngest and most brilliant members.
  • Resumed his political career

    1781 he resumed his public career when he became the principal assistant to Robert Morris, Superintendent of Finance for the United States, to whom he was unrelated.
  • One of the best

    Morris emerged as one of the leading figures at the Constitutional Convention. His speeches, more frequent than those by anyone else,
  • Took a break

    Morris subsequently left public life for a time to devote his attention to business.
  • Going over seas

    in 1789, Gouverneur joined in a business venture with Robert Morris, and traveled to France, where he witnessed the beginnings of the French Revolution.
  • Staying over seas

    Morris was to remain in Europe for about a decade.
  • Minister of France

    1792 Washington appointed him as Minister to France, to replace Thomas Jefferson. Morris was recalled 2 years later but did not come home.
  • Coming back to America

    Morris returned to the United States in 1799. The next year, he was elected to finish an unexpired term in the U.S. Senate
  • Called it quits...For a while

    An ardent Federalist, he was defeated in his bid for reelection in 1802 and left office the following year.
  • Marriage

    In 1809 he married Anne Cary (Carey) Randolph of Virginia, and they had one son.
  • Did not approve of the war

    During his last years, he continued to speak out against the Democratic-Republicans and violently opposed the War of 1812.
  • Chairmen

    In the years 1810-13 he served as chairman of the Erie Canal Commission. After this he retired
  • Died

    Gouvernor Morris passed away