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Life Of Dave Mustaine

  • Birth

    He born on La Mesa, California. Her Parents are John and Emily Mustaine. He have 3 sisters, and he confuse they with him aunts
  • Period: to


    Her lifewith her parents, and the better time of move of cities
  • Him father gave him a terrible beating

    One day the father of Dave go so angry and with a pliers and with this pliers take the ear and take him to the house because Dave was with a friend
  • He forgot him father

    him mother break up with his father and they always change of city or town for get away for the father
  • He Play her first guitar

    He Play her first guitar
    He use the marc of guitar B. C. Rich and create a group of musice called Panic
  • Period: to


    her part of life when he, go to live alone an another things that change him life
  • He go to live single

    He go to live single
    He rent one apartment and he paid with the money that won with sell drugs
  • Period: to

    The best time of thrash metal

    this is the music that he play, and this change his life
  • He enter to Metallica

    He enter to Metallica
    he audcioned for become a member of metallica, because in the newspaper he see the announcement, and for him good skills become a member of Metallica
  • Play with Cliff Burton

    Play with Cliff Burton
    This day is the first presentation of Metallica with Dave Mustaine and Cliff Burton and Mustaine and Cliff forge a good friend but some years later this friendship over not for problems for some more big...
  • Period: to


    This is the band that he creat for take revange of Metallica and be much better
  • He is fire of Metallica

    He is fire of Metallica
    For differents oppinions, and say thath he drink a lot and, the band doesnt like this.
  • Period: to

    The best time of Metallica

    This was the best time of Metallica with good disc
  • He create Megadeth

    He create Megadeth
    He want to take revenge of Metallica, and want to create the best band, much better than Metallica
  • Die a big friend

    Die a big friend
    One of his big friends die Cliff Burton, he die on a accident when the bus of Metallica roll on the road, when they gonna see the accident see that the amplifier and luggage was squash him and he die.
  • Meet a good Friend

    Meet a good Friend
    When Megadeth need a guitarrist, Marty Friedman presents to be the second guitarrist, from this year they are a good friends and they compose and write a lot of songs
  • Period: to

    The best of Megadeth

    Because is the better formation of they and all the disc that public is so amazing
  • Birth of son

    Birth of son
    Him first son born and is calle Justice, this same year he create with Megadeth the disc Countdown to Extinction
  • Him daughter birth

    Him daughter birth
    Her secon child born and was a woman, this same year a song of Megadeth is nominated for a Grammy
  • He go to the hospital

    he's been hospitalized for a kidney stone, because this infringe a big pain for him
  • Go to rehab

    Go to rehab
    Because he drink and consume a lot og drugs, he decide enter in rehab to be a better man, this is the third time that enter to rehab and he expect change, but in this days a bad thing happen..
  • A insure

    When he get out of the hospital, he go to rehab for have a better life without drugs and alcohol, But he sleep obove him hand, when he wake up he couldnt move his hand. And he go to the medic and he say thath Mustaine insure the nerve and this hurt the hand and he could not play the guitar never
  • Period: to

    Period of Break of Megadeth

    Mustaine brak Megadeth for those years
  • Period: to

    The new Megadeth

    this was when Mustaine do again Megadeth, with differents bands
  • Do again Megadeth

    Do again Megadeth
    Because Mustaine, cure the damage on the arm. He want to promove a new disc alone but he decide to do again Megadeth with the last formation, the best formation of Megadeth, but some intengrants have problems and Mustaine preffer do with other people
  • The big 4

    The big 4
    The most biggest bands of america meet and play together on the airport Bemowo, those are the best bands of america and they play thrash and Megadeth is one of theme
  • Him new Album

    Him new Album
    This album is called TH1RT3EN because this number represents a lot of thing for him as he born the day 13, he play the first guitar at 13 years, this gonna be the 13 Album...