Christopher paolini

Life of Christopher Paolini

By HH10147
  • Birth.

    Christopher was born in Paradise Valley, Montana to his two parents, Kenneth and Talita.
  • Sister Angela born.

    Sister Angela born.
    Angela became the source of one of the weirdest people in the books. Her character was a fan favorite and acts very much the same as she does in real life. Image Source
  • Paolini begins to write Eragon.

  • Eragon is republished and released.

    Eragon is republished and released.
    Eragon was originaly published by Paolini's parent's company, but was discovered by Carl Hiaasen who republished it. Image Source
  • Eldest released in U.S.

    Eldest released in U.S.
    Eldest Released to seriously negative review. Many reviewers compared it to Lord of the rings, or The Empire Strikes Back. It still was considered a success by fans. Image Source
  • The movie.....

    The movie.....
    Eragon in movie form was considered by both fans and reviewers to be a major disaster. many blasted the movie for its story, which was not much like the book, its style, and its dialoge. Image Source
  • Brisingr Released.

    Brisingr Released.
    Brisingr is the third book in what was supposed to be the inheritance trilogy. However, when he was writing the book, he decided to split it into two books to do the story more justice. Image Source
  • Book Four?

    Book Four?
    The fourth and final book of the Inheritance Cycle, ironicly named Inheritance, is scheduled to be released. Image Source