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Life of C. S. Lewis

  • The birth of the great author

    The birth of the great author
    On November 29, 1898, Albert and Florence Lewis became the parents of a young, somewhat healthy baby. They chose to give the baby boy the name Clive Staples Lewis, but everyone liked to call him Jack. He was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
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    The Life of C. S. Lewis

  • Mother’s death

    Mother’s death
    On the eighth of August, in 1908, Florence Augusta Hamilton Lewis died of cancer. Young Jack was only ten years of age and lay sick in bed crying for his mother when she died. His mother was his closest friend after his brother went off to school and he loved his mother greatly.
  • Boarding School

    Boarding School
    In the year of 1910, Jack was sent off to a boarding school along with his brother. He spent most of his time at the school alone, because his brother, being older, graduated and moved on to the next step in school. Because he had a mentally ill and violent school master, Jack’s faith in God grew.
  • Prep School for College

    Prep School for College
    In 1911, C. S. Lewis went to Malvern, England to be enrolled Cherbourg House, which was to prepare him for college. His brother, Warnie, went to a college near to him and the two kept in spent some time together. During his time there, he lost much of his childhood faith, but met Arthur Greeves, who became almost as close to him as his brother.
  • College and WWI

    College and WWI
    After reading George MacDonald's Phantastes, C. S. Lewis’s imagination and faith had a heavenly baptism. While enjoying his time at University College, Oxford, WWI started. He enlisted and was placed into officers training at Keble College, Oxford. After his training, he was stationed as an officer in the 3rd Battalion, Somerset Light Infantry, where he met new friends that he remembered talways.
  • Professor at Oxford

    Professor at Oxford
    In may of 1925, C.S. Lewis became a professor and tutor at University College, Oxford. He later was elected to become a Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford and served as a tutor there also. He greatly enjoyed helping the students at both colleges.
  • Joining the Inklings and writing books

    Joining the Inklings and writing books
    Sometime in september of 1939, at the outbreak of the second world war, Jack moved away from London. Not long after moving, he became a member of a group of writers known as the Inklings. He wrote many of his greatest writings with the Inklings and met another great author: J. R. R. Tolkien.
  • Love birds forever

    Love birds forever
    On a bright day in April, Jack married the beautiful Miss Joy Davidman. It is said to originally be marriage who's perpose was to keep Joy from being sent out of England do to British migration authorities. It may well have started out thus, but ended up being love.
  • Death of Love

    Death of Love
    After surviving an awful bout of cancer that Joy struggled with for about a year, Jack spent three long and happy years with his love. though short lived love at that. Joy's cancer returned and Jack, Joy and another married couple, that were very close to them, went on a pleasant vacation. Joy died at the age of 45 on July 13, 1960. Her death was greatly mourned by many in England.
  • Death of the Famed Author

    Death of the Famed Author
    C. S. Lewis died on November 22, 1963-just a week before his 65th birthday. He died the same day that President Kennedy was assassinated. He left behind him a world-wide reputation and his loving kids and friends.