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Life in Gymnastics

  • Jorge Valdes Born

  • Starts Gymnastics

    Jorge Valdes starts practicing gymnastics
  • Alex Birth

    Alexander Tapanes is born in Matanzas, Cuba
  • Teaching Career Begins

    Jorge Valdes starts coaching gymnastics
  • Immigration

    The Tapanes family leaves Cuba
  • Certification

    Jorge Valdes becomes a Certified Gymnastics Judge at the age of 16 and begins working at FGTC
  • Comepetitions End

    Jorge Valdes decides not to compete anymore
  • Injury

    While auditioning for Cirque du Soleil, Jorge Valdes suffers a major injury which thretens his life and ability to practice the sport.
  • Training begins

    Alexander starts taking gymnastics classes at FGTC with Jorge Valdes as his coach
  • First Competition

    Alex attends his first gymnastics competition as a Level 4 in Tampa, Florida, placing 4th all around
  • States Championship

    Alexander attends his 2nd competition and finish 10th overall.