Life and Times of George W. Bush

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In History
  • Birth

    George Walker Bush born on July 6, 1946
  • Middle School

    Middle School
    Was a great athlete, and trouble maker in school
  • College Years

    College Years
    First baseman for the Yale baseball team
  • After College Years

    After College Years
    Moved back to Houston to work for an agribusiness company
  • After Yale

    After Yale
    He was a member of a Texas Air National Guard stationed in Ellington, Texas
  • Before Presidency

    Before Presidency
    Before investing many, hours of many years into his presidency Bush decided to invest money into the Texas Rangers baseball team then later sold his stakes for 15 million dollars
  • During Presidency

    During Presidency
    George W. Bush's span of presidency was from January 20, 2001 to January 20, 2009
  • During Presidency

    During Presidency
    Bush, during his presidency, faced many challenges, including 9/11
  • After Presidency

    After Presidency
    Bush has made friend's with Bill clinton after his presidency term and now boa and golf together
  • Death

    George W. Bush had not passed away, but is living a pretty happy life at age 72