Lexi Alfano 1997-2011

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  • President Cliton

    President  Cliton
    Clition began his second term as President on January 20
  • Dolly The Sheep!

    Dolly The Sheep!
    Scientists cloned Dolly teh Sheep, she was the first animal to be cloned.
  • Shooting Star

    Shooting Star
    The Hale-Bopp (Shooting Star) across the sky.
  • Floods

    Melting Snow flooded the Red River in Dakota, it was the worst flood in Hundred Years.
  • Titanic

    Titanic won the Academy Awards of year 1997
  • Princess Daina

    Princess Daina
    Britan's Princess Diana was killed in a car crash in a Paris in Aug.
  • My birthdate

    Alexis Darla Alfano
    Born on September 23,1997
    Born In Oswego,New York
    OSwego Hopstial
    Daughter of Heather&Vincent Alfano
  • Period: to

    Lexi Alfano 1997-2011

  • Califonia

    Califonria bars,clubs and card rooms must be smoke-free
  • President Cliton

    President Cliton
    President Cliton faces sexual harassment charges from Paula Jones
  • Winter Olypics

    Winter Olypics
    18th Winter Olympic gmes open at Nagano,Japan
  • Eathquake

    A powerful earthquake rocks Northern Afghanistan killing up to 5,000 people.
  • Solar Ecplise

    Solar Ecplise
    Total Solareclipse in Venezuela- Pacif Ocean
  • France

    France won the World Cup for soccer
  • Euro

    Euro is Established.
  • Kiribati

    Kiribati nauruand and tonga join the United Nations
  • Texas Governor

    Texas Governor
    Texas Governor George W. Bush annouce she will seek the Republican Party nomination for President of the United States.
  • Soclar Eclipse

    Soclar Eclipse
    A total Solar Eclipse is seen in Europe and Asia
  • Hilary Cliton

    Hilary Cliton
    Hilary Cliton was at the time the First Lady of the US, she was elected to the US Senate.
  • Summer Olymic

    Summer Olymic
    Summer Olympics was in Sydney,Australia.
  • New York Yankess

    New York Yankess
    New York Yankees defeat the New York Mets in Games of the 2000 World Series.
  • Constitution

    The Constitution of Finland is rewritten
  • 9/11

    the twin towers crashed from a plane
  • George W. Bush

    George W. Bush fanited after choking on a pretzel.
  • Blue Crush

    Blue Crush was made.
  • Maid in manhattan

    Maid In Manattan was maid staring Jennifer Lopez
  • United States

    the US went into Iraq
  • Olypics

    August 13 -29 - The Athens Olympics take place.
  • Columbia

    Rentry of the Space Shuttle Columbia that disintegrated over the state of Texas. It killed all seven crew members.
  • England

    England won the world cup in Rugby
  • John Cardil

    John Cadil lost his ablitly to skate.
  • Haiti

    Armed rebels in Haiti force President Aristide to resign and flee the country (Feb. 29).
  • Greek

    Greek Cypriots reject UN reunification plan with Turkish Cypriots
  • Summer Olypics

    Summer Olympics take place in Athens, Greece (Aug. 13–29).
  • Football

    Brian Clough nglish football manager
    hes 69
    Clough is widely considered to be one of the greatest managers of the English game
  • Bombs

    •Suicide Bombers Detonate car bombs in Basra, Iraq, killing at least 74
  • Iran Parliament

    About one third of Iran’s Parliament steps down to protest hard-line Guardian Council’s banning of more than 2,000
  • Spanish

    •Spain withdraws Spanish troops from Iraq
  • 60th Annversary

    •The 60th anniversary of D-Day is remembered by world leaders
  • Alberto Gonzales

    On February 3, the Senate approved Alberto Gonzales by 60-36 to become the country's first Hispanic attorney general.
  • Deep Throat was Revealed

    “Deep Throat” Revealed Himself on May 31st. W. Mark Felt admitted during an interview in "Vanity Fair" that he was the anonymous source during the 1972 Watergate investigations by Washington Post reporters Woodward and Bernstein. He was a former top FBI official
  • HUrrican Katrina

    Hurricane Katrina - August 29, 2005
    As natural disasters go, this one was enormous for the United States. It highlighted many problems inherent in the Federalist system when it comes to getting aid where its needed quickly. Further, it showed the need for a better evacuation plan in areas where people may not have access to cars or other forms of transportation.
  • 838 killed in Iraq

    838 Killed in Iraq
    The United States military along with coalition forces have been active in Iraq since March 19, 2003. In the year 2005, 838 US Hostile and Non-Hostile casualties were reported by the Department of Defense. Overall, 2100 American troops have lost their lives in defense of Iraq.
  • US named its First Director of National Intelligence

    President Bush nominated and the Senate later confirmed John Negroponte as the first Director of National Intelligence.
  • Steve Irwin

    Steve Irwin's death by a string ray. He was a crocodile hunter! he lived in Austrilla with his wife&daughter. His daughter took over the show for a couple years.
  • President Ford

    The death of President Ford
  • SuperBowl

    Super Bowl - Pittsburgh Steelers defeats Seattle Seahawks
  • Lacross case

    The Duke Lacrosse case
  • South Korea

    January 1 - South Korea's Ban Ki-moon becomes the new United Nations Secretary-General, replacing Kofi Annan.
  • North korea

    February 13 - North Korea agrees to shut down its nuclear facilities in Yongbyon by April 14 as a first step towards complete denuclearization, receiving in return energy aid equivalent to 50,000 tons of heavy fuel oil.
  • Mega Million

    March 6 - Mega Millions sets a new world record for the highest lottery jackpot of US $370 million.
  • Korean Summit

    October 2 - The second Inter-Korean Summit begins. South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun and North Korean leader Kim Jong-il meet in Pyongyang.
  • Pakistani

    December 27 - Former Pakistani prime minister Benazir Bhutto is assassinated, and at least 20 others are killed by a bomb blast at an election rally in Rawalpindi.
  • Barrack Obama

    Barack Obama elected President.
    won over John McCain.
  • Obama

    US Air Lines Pilot Lands Plane in the Hudson river saves 100+ lives (2009)
  • Comet Lulin

    Comet Lulin was Visible in the sky from feb 24 to feb 28 (2009)
  • Isreal

    Isreal Invades Gaza (2009)
  • Astronomy

    2009 is the Year of Astronomy! it has been 400 years since Galileo Gelili first saw a star through a telescope
  • Hudson River

    US Air Lines Pilot Lands Plane in the Hudson river saves 100+ lives
  • Swine Flu

    H1N1 Scare. I even had it. Some people died. And some didnt. You could get it if you were near some one with it. It got alot of people out of school and made alot of kids sick.
  • Winter Olypics in Vancouver

    Winter Olympics 2009 in Vancouver, Canada
  • Haiti Earthquake

    January, 12: A massive earthquake of 7.0 magnitude hits the capital of Haiti, Port-au- Prince. 230,000 died and it said to be the deadliest on record. By 24 January, at least 52 aftershocks measuring 4.5 or greater had been recorded.[10] An estimated three million people were affected by the quake
  • Magnitude Hits Chile

    February, 27: Another massive earthquake of 8.8 magnitude hits in Chile causing a Tsunami over the Pacific ocean 497. It is the biggest earthquake in history. It ranks as the sixth largest earthquake ever to be recorded by a seismograph. It was felt strongly in six Chilean regions (from Valparaíso in the north to Araucanía in the south), that together make up about 80 percent of the country's population.
  • Afghanistan

    Afghanistan War - US troop causalities at record numbers
  • US Troops

    US troops out of Iraq.
  • Softball championship

    Wayne Drugs won the Youth Softball Championship for the 3rd year in a row! It was a close game. Lexi Alfano hit a triple and brought in 4 runs and Emily Lloyd hit a homerun and a grandslam brought in 2 and 3 runs, Sydnie LeRoy hit a double and brought in 2 runs. Shortstop Alfano made 2 good plays getting a line drive and getting first base runner out.
  • Virgina

    5.8 Earthquake in Virgina
  • Irene

    Hurricane Irene happrn and killed 8 peopple and 2 million with out power. One man suffered a heart attack as he boarded up his house in North Carolina. In North Carolina, a 15-year-old girl was killed in an auto accident, said Patty McQuillan of North Carolina's emergency management agency.
  • Rowing Championships

    August 28- September 4: World Rowing Championships 2011 will be happened at Lake Bled, Bled, Slovenia.