Lewis & Clark events

  • Louisiana Purchase

    Louisiana Purchase
    Louisiana purchase bought
  • Period: to

    Lewis and Clark Expedition

  • Leaving

    Lewis and Clark leave St. Louis
  • independence creek

    independence creek
    Lewis & Clark mark fourth of July and names a lake Independence Creek
  • Yankton Souix

    Yankton Souix
    Lewis and Clark meet friendy Yankton Souix
  • Fort Mandan

    Fort Mandan
    Fort Mandan completed for winter
  • Shoshine

    Lewis and Clark meet shoshine cheif
  • Bad weather

    Bad weather
    Lewis and Clark halt expedition because of bad weather
  • Begin going home

    Begin going home
    Lewis and Clark begin journey home
  • Lewis shot

    Lewis shot
    Lewis was shot by a member of his own party
  • Return

    Lewis and CLark return to St. Louis