Lewis and Clark's travels

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    Lewis and Clark 's Timeline

  • Lewis and Clark Expedition

    The Lewis and Clark Expedition (1804-1806) was the first United States expedition to the Pacific Coast. Commissioned by President Thomas Jefferson and led by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, the expedition had several goals.
  • The trail

    August 20 – Sergeant Charles Floyd dies. He dies from Bilious Chorlick (ruptured appendix) He is the only member lost during the expedition.
    August 23 – Pvt. Joseph Field kills first bison.
    August 26 – Pvt. Patrick Gass is elected to Sergeant. First election in new territory west of Mississippi River. George Shannon is selected to get the horses back from Indians.
    August 30 – A friendly council with the Yankton Sioux held.
  • The Niobrara River

    September 4 – Reached the mouth of the Niobrara River.
    September 7 – The expedition drives a prairie dog out of its den (by pouring water into it) to send back to Jefferson.
    September 14 – Hunters killed and described prairie goat (antelope).
    September 25–29 – A band of Lakota Sioux demand one of the boats as a toll for moving further upriver. Met with Teton Sioux. Close order drill, air gun demo, gifts of medals, military coat, hats, tobacco. Hard to communicate language problems. Invit
  • Indians

    October 8–11 – Passed Grand River home of the Arikara Indians 2,000+. Joseph Gravelins trader, lived with Arikara for 13 yrs. Pierre Antoine Tabeau lived in another village was from Quebec.
    October 13 – Pvt. John Newman tried for insubordination (who was prompted by Reed) and received 75 lashes. Newman was discarded from the permanent party. October 24 – Met their first Mandan Chief, Big White. Joseph Gravelins acted as interpreter.
    October 24 – Expedition reaches the earth-log villages
  • Expedition

    November–December – Constructed Fort Mandan. November 2 –Hired Baptiste La Page to replace Newman.
    November 4 – The captains meet Toussaint Charbonneau, a French-Canadian fur trapper living among the Hidatsas with his two Shoshone wives, Sacagawea and Little Otter.
    December 24 – Fort Mandan is considered complete. Expedition moves in for the winter.
  • Sacagawea

    February 9 – Thomas Howard scaled the fort wall and an Indian followed his example. "Setting a pernicious example to the savages" 50 lashes-only trial at Fort Mandan and last on expedition. Lashes remitted by Lewis.
    February 11 – Sacagawea gives birth to Jean Baptiste Charbonneau, the youngest member of the expedition. Jean Baptiste is nicknamed "Pomp" by Clark. Lewis aided in the delivery of Sacagawea's baby, used rattle of rattlesnake to aid delivery.
  • Yellowstone River

    April 7 to April 25 – Fort Mandan to Yellowstone River.
    April 7 – The permanent party of the Corps of Discovery leaves Fort Mandan. The keelboat is sent down river. Left Fort Mandan in 6 canoes and 2 pirogues. Thomas Howard received a letter from his wife Natalia.April 25 – Reached Yellowstone River Roche Jaune-sent Joseph Field up river to find yellowstoner-saw Big Horn Sheep and brought back horns. Lewis searched area thought it would be a good area for fort.
  • The Rivers

    October 9 to December 7 – Traveled down Clearwater River, Snake River and Columbia River to ocean.
    October 18 — Clark sees Mount Hood, which means they are now back in previously explored territory.
    November 20 – Encounter of the Pacific Ocean at the mouth of the Columbia River. November 24 – The Corps takes the matter of where to spend the winter to a vote. York, a slave, and Sacagawea, a woman, were allowed to vote. It was decided to camp on the south side of the Columbia River.
  • The last year

    March 22 – Corps of Discovery leave Fort Clatsop for the return voyage east. March 23 to May 14 – Traveled to Camp Chopunnish.April 11 – Lewis' dog was stolen by Indians and retrieved shortly. Lewis warned the chief that any other wrongdoing or mischievous acts would result in instant death. May 14 to June 10 – Camp Chopunnish collected 65 horses. Prepared for crossing mountains. Bitterroot Mountains still covered in snow; cannot cross.
  • Marias River

    July 15 – Lewis explores Maria's river separates from Gass to meet at Mouth of Maria's between Aug 5 and no later than Sept 1. Maria's River expedition includes M. Lewis, R. Fields, J. Fields, G. Drouillard.
    July 15 to July 26 – Camp Disappointment. Marias River does not go far enough north. Indians finally discovered.July 20 – Sgt. Ordway's party (from Clark's party) meets Sgt. Gass's party at The Great Falls of the Missouri.July 27 – The Blackfeet Indians try to steal Lewis's group's rifles.
  • Arrival

    August 14 – Reached Mandan Village. Charbonneau and Sacagawea stayed . John Colter went back up river with trappers Hancock and Dickson provided rest of company stay with expedition all the way to St. Louis. September 23 – The Corps arrives in St. Louis, ending their journey after two years, four months, and ten days.