Lewis and Clark's Adventure

  • Jefferson asks for Approval

    Jefferson asks for Approval
    Message sent by Jefferson asking for approval of exploration of the west.
  • Period: to

    Lewis starts training

    As the expedition's leader, Meriwether Lewis begins his training in Philadelphia.
  • Louisiana Purchase!

    Louisiana Purchase!
    The Louisiana Purchase is announced and the land is now owned by US.
  • Period: to

    Lewis gets boat made/travels ohio river

    Lewis gets a boat made, picks up William and others, and they travel the Ohio River.
  • Period: to

    They set up camp.

    The Corps of Discovery sets up Camp Wood, their winter camp on the Wood River.
  • Visiting St. Louis!

    Visiting St. Louis!
    Lewis and the gang travel to St. Louis to officially make the Louisiana Territory ours.
  • Goodbye St. Louis.

    The group leaves St. Louis and travels the Missouri River.
  • Independence!

    The Corps. goes west of the Mississippi and holds the first ever celebration of independence!
  • Meeting with the Natives.

    In Nebraska, the Corps. meets with the Oto and Missouri Native Americans.
  • A death.

    Poor old Sergeant Charles Floyd passes away in Iowa. RIP.
  • A council!

    The Corps or Discovery hosts a meeting with the Yankton Sioux in South Dakota.
  • Strange animals!

    They enter the Great Plains and see unknown creatures.
  • A fight?

    The group comes close to a fight with the Teton Sioux near today's Pierre, South Dakota. When one of the Sioux chiefs wards his men off, fighting is prevented.
  • Meeting buffalo hunting tribes

    The Corps of Discovery goes to the tribes of Mandan and Hidatsa, buffalo hunters in North Dakota.
  • Interpretors hired.

    Toussaint Charbonneau and his Native American wife Sacagawea are hired to interpret what is to come.
  • Brrrr..

    They say the temperature is 45 degrees under zero- the coolest they have ever witnessed in the US.
  • They finish the fort!

    The corps finish setting up Fort Mandan in North Dakota. This is where they'll stay this winter.
  • Buffalo Dancee!

    Buffalo Dancee!
    They go to a Mandan buffalo dance to bring buffalo around!
  • Sacagawea gives birth!

    With help from Lewis, Sacagawea has a son named Jean Baptiste Charbonneau.
  • Artifacts to Jefferson!

    They send artifacts and new creatures to Jefferson, and the Corps continues.
  • So many innocent little animals to kill!

    So many innocent little animals to kill!
    The group kills a grizzly bear near the Yellowstone River. Rest in peace poor guy...
  • Sacagawea saves their stuff!

    When one of their boats almost flips, they almost lose everything. Lewis thanks Sacagawea for saving their possessions.
  • Reaching White Cliffs region!

  • Which way to go?

    Which way to go?
    The corps reaches a fork in the Missouri River! Which way should they take?
  • Missouri Great Falls!

    They come upon the Great Falls of the Missouri and must carry everything around.
  • Three forks in Missouri River.

    The Corps comes to the Three Forks of the Missouri. They name the forks the Jefferson, Gallatin, and Madison in respect of the President, Secretary of the Treasury, and Secretary of State.
  • Beaverhead Rock!

    Sacagawea knows they are close to Shoshone land because she recognizes a marking.
  • A delivery. No passage.

    President Jefferson gets the delivery from Fort Mandan; Lewis finds main water of the Missouri River and crosses the Continental Divide and Lemhi Pass to find that there isn't a Northwest Passage.
  • Sacagawea has a brother!

    They go to the Shoshone camp, where Sacagawea finds that the cheif is her long lost brother, Cameahwait.
  • Happy Birthday, Lewis!

    On Lewis' 31 birthday, he vows not to be so selfish in the future.
  • To the mountains!

    Journey continues to the Bitterroot Mountains with a lot of horses and a mule from the Shoshone!
  • Camping.

    They set up camp by Missoula, Montana at a spot they decide to call "Traveler's Rest" while they get ready to cross the mountain.
  • Bitterroot Range

    The adventurers go into the Rocky Mountains, covering more than 160 miles!
  • Someone feed these guys..

    The hungry group emerges from the mountains near Weippe, Idaho at the Nez Perce Indians' villages.
  • Down the river.

    They push off to the Clearwater River in Idaho after learning how to make a new boat, and travel with their backs to the current.
  • They come to the Columbia River.

  • They go through horriffic currents at Dalles & Celilo falls.

  • The Ocean?!

    Clark thinks he sees the Pacific Ocean, but is actually only seeing widened parts of the Columbia River. :(
  • The Pacific!

    Since they reached the Pacific, everyone chose to set up camp at the Clatsop Indian side of the Columbia, and the campground is known as Fort Clatsop.
  • Going Home.

    After a terribly rainy winter, the men show their fort to the Natives and leave for home.
  • Heroes.

    The men found an easier route accross the country and reached St. Louis in about 2 1/2 hours after they began and are now known for their journey accross America.