Lewis and clark

Lewis and Clark Expedition

  • Louisiana Purchase

    Louisiana Purchase
    Thomas Jefferson purchases the Louisiana Territory
  • Departure

    Lewis and Clark set out with their crew from St.Louis
  • Camping point

    Camping point
    Camp in Ray County after rounding Jackass Bend
  • Only Death

    Only Death
    Charles Floyd dies and the Charles Floyd Monument is built
  • Council

    Lewis and Clark have council with the Teton Sioux
  • First winter

    First winter
    Start building Fort Mandan for their first winter
  • Birth on the Expedition

    Birth on the Expedition
    Sacagawea gives birth
  • Camping Point

    Camping Point
    Camp in Makenzie County
  • Waterfall

    Reach Great Falls
  • Return

    The Expedition returns to St.Louis