Lewis and Clark Expedition

  • Heading into danger?

    Heading into danger?
    Their Seargant died. Then they started to head for the Great Plains.
  • Into Grizzly Country

    Into Grizzly Country
    Lewis and his men saw grizzlies in their camp and they injured a bear but it escaped. Lewis chased it 80 yards before one of his men reloaded and killed it.
  • rookies in Sight

    rookies in Sight
    Lewis and Clark almost lost two of their canoes but then Sacagewea saved them from being trampled by the waves. They got close to catching the rookies but then waves and other things got in the way.
  • Winter on the Pacific

    Winter on the Pacific
    Lewis and Clark made a camp next to Columbia and they built Fort Clatsop. They made some moccasins and clothes. The Indains were supposed to trade with them but they didn't tell Lewis and Clark that they were there.
  • Abondoning the Boast

    Abondoning the Boast
    Lewis and Clark traveled up the Colunbia River and battled the rough currents. The Chinookan Indians constantly stole things for them.
  • Parting Ways

    Parting Ways
    Lewis and Clark crossec the Continental Divide and they decided that they wanted to explore the Marias River. They knew that the Marias was dangerous and that it belonged to the Blackfeet Indians. B they ran into them and they turned out to be friendly, they combined camps together. Then they left and went to go by the Crow Tribe.